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Лучшие волейбольные кроссовки Asics Sky Elite FF MT | Обзор | Megasport

Hello, world! Today in this video i would like to make a little review on the novelty from the Asics company Namely sneakers called “Sky Elite FF MT” Let`s get it! I was kindly provided by this model for the review from the internet shop named “MegaSport” Special thanks for them! If you would like to purchase this shoes, by using my special promocode you can get an additional 25% discount All the information will be located in the subscription of this video The same as every other mine review, i specifically don`t check which technologies are using in this shoes In order to be maximum unbiased during the test And the first thing i`ve noticed during the test – it`s how soft they are Not the only sole but in the design itself Basically, you don`t need to put a much of strength to bend them Especially if you will compare them with different shoes from my previous review Which are in principle is almost impossible to bend with your hands The next positive thing in Sky Elite is a perforation This shoes breathe very well and for all the time I trained in them, my feet weren`t even sweating With all the softness of this model, a very interesting decide was to use a special plastic insert Which is defend from the twisting To me personally i don`t like this plastic insert But if given the main task of it to defend your ankle from the random twisting It have a place to be First twenty minutes of playing in Sky Elites were a little unusual that in the front part the totally repeat my Momentum shoes But in the back part, plastic cup is much more tougher In general it doesn`t subject to any twists, foldings or bendings And it was very unusual But if i will take as an example of my Momentums and we will check the back part of the shoe then We will see that here is no any defending kinda like this, i can completely push the whole shoe into the heel And as i said earlier, this shoes are not designed for a heaviest players That`s why the are a little more dangerous in plan of twisting your ankle Earlier in my channel, i already did a review for the Momentums and Asics Basllistics, so Sky Elites are somewhere in the middle of them For the players with weight more than 70kg and less than 100 Also i would like to notice about great grip on the clean court Unfortunately, during the test in our gym the floors were very clean and i can`t say how they will look on the dusty courts But truly on the good and clean floor they show themselves just great Now let`s talk about amortization For me it was not enough in this shoes I can`t say what caused it, the technology is used here called FlyteFoam But for me they were pretty rought in the heel zone Offhand the height of the shoe in the heel zone is about 2.5-3cm In spite of this ,they still were too rough for me About the weight of this shoes i would say that they are pretty light, especially if to compare them with basketball shoes That`s why after the long volleyball training, you will not feel any discomfort because of wearing this shoes I don`t think that at least one basketball player would watch till this moment But i would like to say that these shoes are absolutely not designed for the basketball About training on the street in this shoes i will say that concrete will destroy this shoes surely But on the rubber coating you can use them for a pretty long time i would say The sole in this shoes is really rough so it is possible to train not the only one whole season on the rubber coating Is it worth to buy these shoes and who will fit them well? Definately yes if you are satisfied with all the moments i said This shoes have a very nice court grip, they breathe very well, very flexible Also they additionally defend your ankle In the case if you already had ankle`s injuries, it`s better to check out shoes that have A good fixation from the twisting with this plastic cup in it And it looks like the player`s weight should be from 80 to 100 kg But that`s only my opinion If your weight is lower than 80kg and you don`t have any ankle problems, it`s better to check out Momentums But if your weight is more than 100 kilos, it`s better to check out Ballistics In general, that`s all for me, if you have any questions, make sure to write it down in the comments If you are interested in this or every other shoes,don`t forget that in the internet shop “MegaSport” you can Always buy them with discount by using my special promocode All the information is located in the video`s description I hope this video was truly useful for you, if so, don`t forget to like this video My name is Yegor Pupynin,good luck to everyone any bye! 🙂

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