March 28, 2020
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🏐 Epic Club Volleyball Tournament! 🏐 |

(upbeat music) – Good morning, guys. It is 5:15 A.M. It is 35 degrees outside. It is sprinkling. We just loaded the truck. Tiff and the
kids are in the truck. I’m getting ready to make a last pass in the house, make sure we got everything, and we’re on the road
for Sierra’s volleyball game. All the kids fell
asleep on the couch here, so the kids are all there. Kinda sad to say this
might be their last year here. Goodbye, cabin. Alright, guys,
the camp is all set up in the parking lot as usual
for volleyball tournaments. All the parents
contribute, bring something. Chairs, tables, EZ-ups,
food, that sort of thing, and now we’re heading outside
for the girls’ first game. Three games in the morning, and then depending on
how we do, how they do, more in the
afternoon, possibly here, possibly in another location. (whistle blows) Perfect, oh, it’s over! Good save. Nice tip! Good job! Nice job. Nice, nice! Out! Wow, wow. Nice hit! Nice job. Yeah! Nice hit. Woo-hoo! Nice. Game point. (audience cheers) Oh, so close, so close. Nice save, nice save. Up, up, good, nice, McKayleigh! Nice serve. There you go, Sierra. Nice, Sierra. – [Woman] Nice shot, McKayleigh. – [Clintus] Nice job. – [Woman 2] Nice serve, Kayley. – [Clintus] There you go. Nice job, Sierra. Nice, nice job. – [Woman 2] Nice serve, Kayley. Yeah! Yeah! – [Clintus] Great hit,
great hit. Nice job, Sierra. There it is,
there’s one, there’s one. Two. Oh. That woulda been in,
that woulda been in. There it is. The jump, the jump. Up, up, up. Yeah. She ends it with a jump serve. So? – So, we won our two games. – [Clintus] First two games. – And did you tell them
about the save Larissa had? – [Clintus] No, I missed it. – You missed it. It was awesome. Someone shanked it, and then they made
it even farther out, and Larissa dove so far and went like that,
and it went over the net. They were already
cheering, and we got it over. – [Clintus] I know,
so, lesson learned, even if you’re not on the court, I should just record everything ’cause your team is so awesome. Yeah, I missed
so many good plays ’cause you weren’t
on the court, tsk, tsk. Yeah, good job. Nice, Sierra! Yeah!
(audience applause and cheers) Nice. (audience cheers) (indistinct chatter) Yeah. – [Man] Yeah. – [Clintus] Nice tip! Nice, Sierra! Way to be there! Ooh. Yes. Nice. Nice! Nail it. Good save, good save. Nice, Sierra. (audience cheers and applause) Nice, nice. Yeah. Oh, talk, girls. Yes. Nice. Good serve. Nice, yes! (audience cheers) Nice. Nice. Come on, Sierra,
come on, Sierra. It’s tipped. Nice, Sierra. Oh, that was in. Nice, nice. Nice. Nice. Aw. Alright, guys, it has
been an extremely long day. It is now 7:51 P.M. We’ve been here
in Scottsdale for 13 hours. We got here at 7:00. So yeah, 13 hours. We ended up getting third
place, tied for third place in the tournament,
in the gold bracket, and the girls did an
awesome, awesome job. Only one loss all day. We’re gonna talk about
it more when we get home, but for now, we are starving. We’re gonna get
ourselves some Chipotle here at Desert Ridge. Oh, yeah. Tired and hungry,
and Tiffany’s cold. Good stuff, Bryce? Sierra, two times in a week. Alright, so we
made our way back home. It’s like 9:30. Something like that
9:45, I’m exhausted. Tiffany is exhausted. I’m sure this little
girl is tired as well. She has school tomorrow. I’m, I can’t tell if I’m
getting better or worse. I sound like crap. My nose has been
running all day long. I’ve been blowing it,
and my nose is like raw. So, what do you think about the, the tournament? – We did pretty good. – They did pretty good. – We did really good. – Four and one. Your first tournament ever. – We almost went undefeated. – Almost. That last one went to
three games, so you’re awesome. You looked good. I’m excited, I’m so excited,
I’m so proud of her. You looked good, she
has a really good team. Girls, if you’re watching this, you guys are really good. I was proud of all of you guys. It was very nice to
see everyone contribute, everyone doing their
part, and it was good. Good team, I’m
looking forward to it. New season of volleyball, guys. It’s gonna be a weird week. You got a field
trip on Thursday. – Yep. – I’m going with that,
I’m going with her on that. I’m chaperoning, and then at
some point this week, we gotta do Christmas shopping. – Yeah, for Mommy. – For Mommy, and you
gotta shop for Bryce, and Bryce has to shop for you. – I already got
Bryce his present. – Oh, you’re covered, so we
just gotta shop for Mommy. – Online. – Alright, so, yeah, one more week
’til Christmas, guys. One more week ’til Christmas. It’s crazy. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

David Frank