April 5, 2020
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🏐 First School Volleyball Game of the Season! (Day 1990) | Clintus.tv

(ball bouncing) – [Tiffany] New week. – I don’t wanna go to school. – [Clintus] Why?
– Cause I don’t… – [Clintus] ‘Cause why? – ‘Cause I don’t… – [Clintus] ‘Cause you don’t?
Just ’cause. ‘Cause now you’re back
into school mode like I just got back from the
weekend, it was awesome. I could do what when I wanted, now I gotta go back to school. I gotta have a schedule
and do my work, oh my gosh. That’s alright. Good morning,
welcome to the vlog. Its Monday the
start of another week, we’re all very excited ’cause
today is this little girl’s first volleyball
game for her school. Bryce just headed off for
school, bus just picked him up. And now Sierra is
eating some breakfast. Ooh, I like your sandals. Those are some big girl sandals. – [Sierra] Those are mommy’s. – [Clintus] They’re mommy’s!
There we go. They look like mommy sandals. Your feet are big
enough, holy crap. You wearing the same
size shoe as your mom? They look like
they’re too small. (laughs) I think your feet are
officially bigger than moms. (laughs)
– [Tiffany] Stop growing! – [Clintus] You’re not growing
anymore, shorty. (laughs) Pretty soon Tiffany will be
the shortest in the family. (laughs) Ah, you got your toe nails done. – [Sierra] Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Gold. – [Sierra] They’re
like stickers. – [Clintus] Oh
they’re stickers? Okay. Nice. So did you do it last night? Right on.
– Mhmmm. And this. – [Clintus] Oh I like that. – For cardinals
and for my school team. – [Clintus] School colors?
– It’s red and black. – [Clintus] That’s cool.
Right on. Right on. I’m up and at it,
editing today’s vlog, catching up on Twitter and stuff
that’s going on in Florida. Looks like most of my friends that I’ve been trying to
check in with are all good. Irma did not hit hard core Tampa and the
surrounding areas that hard. At least the people
I know that are in those areas, everything seems
to be good to go. Business as usual
so glad to hear that. – [Tiffany] Putting
togethers tonight’s dinner, crock-pot’s gonna
do its thing for me. We have some diced onions, chicken breasts,
salt and pepper. And then this is all
the other ingredients. So I think it’s
called cheesy chicken, crock-pot cheesy chicken. It’s a new one, pinterest find. (bass notes) – Alright boys and girls,
it is time for Sierra’s first school volleyball game,
we’re super excited, and we’re getting
ready to jump in right now. (whistle blowing) (cheering) (volleyball player shouting) Ooh, almost. Nice set! (crowd shouting) Nice! Nice. Yeah. Good push. Nice! Nice hit! Nice hit! – [Bryce] If you score…
(crowd drowns out sound) – [Clintus] No,
gotta win by two. (shouting) Nice! (applause) Oh!
(whistle blowing) Good set, Sierra. Nice! Nice hit! Nice hit! Oh! Nice hit! Nice hit! Nice serve, nice serve! Come back up! Nice! That’s a good serve.
Yeah yeah! Oh, send it over, send it over! Nice! Nice hit! Aah. Oh! Over! Oh! Nice! Nice! Yeah! Nice serve! Perfect serve. Yes! Yes! (laughs) (cheering) There it is! There it is! (cheering) (laughing) There it is! (clapping) Won by two. (cheering) Alright, first
volleyball game, first win. Whoop whoop, how you feeling? – Good.
– [Clintus] Yeah? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah, that’s good. – Yeah its fun. – [Clintus] You
missed one serve. But you were all over the court, you had some really great sets. Oh my gosh, you
set some girls up. Some of ’em got ’em,
some didn’t. But you had some
really great sets. You’re team looks good. – Yeah I’m
excited for the season. – [Clintus] Well yeah,
season’s just getting started. Alright so here’s
Tiffany’s concoction. – [Tiffany] That’s
like a bunch of goop here there is some
chicken under there. – [Clintus] Yeah there’s
like five chicken breasts, but they’re shredding. – [Tiffany] Yeah
its like so tender – [Clintus] Ooh, look at that. Smells amazing. And this is the leftovers goop. – [Tiffany] That’s just
extra goop if we need it. – [Clintus] Some
goop on some rice. Cauliflower rice. How is it guys? – [Tiffany] I like it
– [Mamaw] It’s delicious. – [Clintus] Girls, ladies. Mom’s here having dinner. She joined us for
Sierra’s volleyball game. Me and Bryce is sitting up here,
what do you think buddy? Good? You like it?
You like it a lot. Alright, this
doesn’t look like much, but it tastes amazing. Tiffany just puts the
right mix of ingredients and comes up with
some crazy concoction and it always tastes awesome. And I’m using
this Serano hot sauce which compliments it perfectly. We’re out of Habanero
and we’re out of jalape単o, so it’s Serano’s the next one. Alright, I just walked my mom
out, sent her off on her way. Always nice to see her,
and now that Sierra is playing volleyball
we’ll probably see her a lot more for
the next two months. She’ll probably make
it to most of the games. I think my dad is
coming to tomorrow’s game, maybe Travis sounds like he
also might be coming tomorrow. So we’ll see. I sent the schedule to
both my brothers and said, if they could make a
game it would be awesome. Volleyball, it’s here. As for basketball
and this little kid, we’re supposed
to start practices on Mondays and Wednesdays
this week but they needed one more week to
give the other parents I guess time to adjust. So this week,
Tuesday and Thursday. So we will be missing half of Sierra’s volleyball game
tomorrow and maybe Thursday. We’re gonna alternate right, so you tell me
whatever day you wanna do. One of the days, one of us are
gonna miss half of the game, and then the other Thursday,
we’ll miss half the game ’cause this guy’s got practice. And then he’s got his first
tournament with this new team, we’re gonna play a
tournament with this new team, this weekend. Excited?
– Yeah. – Still nervous? – Kind of.
– Yeah. He’s only
practiced with these guys for like two weeks. Kind of like Sierra,
she’s only been practicing with her girls, her
team for like a week. Two weeks? Two weeks. – [Tiffany] One week.
– One week. – [Tiffany] Well,
tryouts and then one week. – Yeah, tryouts and a week. So yeah, we’re back in
full swing sports guys. Alright with that being said I think we’re gonna
round up the vlog here, it’s already 7:30. Sierra’s gotta shower,
Bryce has gotta take a shower. And that’s it, I think… – [Tiffany] Bachelor
in Paradise! – Bachelor in Paradise
for the girls. And me and Bryce are
gonna play some Destiny 2. Is it the finale? – [Sierra] Yeah.
– Wow, short season. Bachelor in Paradise for the
girls, Destiny 2 for the boys. We’ll see you guys tomorrow
for another volleyball game, some more basketball. Vlog on. – Hey Clintus, this is Connor
from Tennessee and vlog on. (upbeat music)

David Frank