April 7, 2020
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0 How To Throw a Lacrosse Ball: Why Does Good Form Matter?

When advanced players pass or shoot,
they all have similar form. This form is the standard
at the highest levels of the game. At the youth level,
everyone plays regardless of their skills. Bad pockets and bad form
are just accepted. But in high school,
players have to compete for playing time. Lower skilled players are left out
or don’t even join the team. They don’t get a pass because
they weren’t taught good form. It’s just over for a lot of them. It’s even tougher in college — only the best players get to play. Youth players who have a good pocket and learn good form — from the start have a huge advantage. They have the best chance of
enjoying the game over a long career. Look at the last 10 years of data. The columns show youth participation and the line shows high school participation. Ten years ago, it looks like we were doing a good job getting youth players to become
high school players. But in the last four years, it looks like we’re losing a lot of youth players
when they get to high school. This could be for many reasons,
but it’s concerning. And the trend looks like it’s getting worse. You can spot good form
by looking at where the stick pivots. A beginner pivots at his
bottom hand. An advanced player pivots at his
top hand. A beginner only pushes
with his top hand. An advanced player pulls with his bottom hand
and then pushes with his top hand. Pivoting at the bottom hand has
a short range of motion and no power. Pivoting at the top hand has
a long range of motion and a ton of power for the same effort. Using a top hand pivot
lets a player learn all of these skills throw like a pro and have fun. A bottom hand pivot makes learning these skills
nearly impossible The longer someone throws like a
beginner, the harder it is to change. And no one’s going to become an advanced player, if they still throw like a beginner. Follow the tips in these videos and you can teach a beginner to go from this to this in just one afternoon. And you could teach a complete beginner to shoot like this with just one month of practice. It’s never too early to start learning. They just need good form
and a pocket that works

David Frank



  1. Ryan Olson Posted on March 14, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    good breakdown. solid video. Nice work.