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10 Amazon Dog Toys For Under $5 💙 I Am Kristin

hey guys it’s Kristin so in today’s video
I’m gonna show you ten dog toys that you can get on Amazon for less than five
dollars so this is the package I just got with all the different toys in here
so we’re gonna take them out and see how Marley likes them so the first one we
have here is Gumby this one’s 399 and it says squeeze me I squeak we’ll see do
you like this oh I would say that this is a winner she likes that one okay
Marley come on we got to do the next toy alright so this is our next one it makes
like crinkly noises and we just realized the nose squeaks you like that one if
you like she’s gonna like all of these toys yes some of the toys don’t make
that loud crinkling noise but this one that seems to work really good all right
so this one was four dollars and 15 cents which kind of seems like a lot for
this I mean it kind of looks like a toy you got from the dollar store but it is
really loud this one here is our cheapest one this one is only $1.99 it
comes in a bunch of different colors but I don’t think you pick the color I’m
pretty sure you just get a random one and it also squeaks Oh see that one’s
like a quieter squeak do you like that one
yeah so if you have a dog that does this the ears are probably not gonna last
very long cuz she’s literally trying to rip them off alright this is our last
like plush type of toy this one we already had so I didn’t buy another one
but it’s still the same price it’s only 399 this is her favorite toy
I think we’ve ever gotten her she loves this and we have two of them alright so
she’s probably not gonna play with this one we’ve had these ones for months now
but she loves them so much that we got another one because she plays with it
all the time so I do highly recommend that toy you ready this one says that it
has like a bacon scent to it you wanna smell it and selling so this one is 254
and we were trying to figure out why she was acting so weird and I don’t know if
you can see it right at the top this whole there’s like a piece of there you
can kind of see it there there’s a piece of plastic from the tag sticking out and
it was kind of like hitting her in the face I think she can tell that it’s
smell like she smells the baking because she’s acting like there’s a tree inside
of it all right I think this one is Marley
approved all right this one here is like a really thick rope I just wanted
something different maybe something that didn’t squeak it is like flexible so it
kind of bends and stuff but this one was a little bit expensive on as far as the
list goes this was right at the max of five dollars but our dogs do like to
play tug of war so I thought maybe she would do that and play but I don’t know
are you gonna play with it okay ready okay come on Miley bring it here
oh well maybe that’ll be a good chew one huh so this is a racquetball
this is Marley’s absolute favorite type of like ball to play with when I bought
these online they were $4.99 I think they’re a little higher now they might
be $6.99 so it just depends on the area that you’re in but she loves the ball
seriously so again this is one of those toys that she’s had for months and she’s
used to it and there’s a huge box of brand-new toy sitting right next to me
so she has no interest but this is a really good option because with tennis
balls they have all the fuzz on it and they just sometimes just shred all the
fuzz off so getting a racquet ball on it bounces a lot more and it’s rubber so
they don’t really make a mess and it’s it’s a little bit better she loves it so
we got this 2 1 because Marley is still a puppy and she is still kind of chewing
on a lot of things so we’ll see how this one it says it’s a tough bone so it’s
kind of like a bone slash toy it does say that it’s bacon scented this one was
428 and the picture was of purple or blue something like that and so I did
get pink so it looks like you might get a random color she’s like what is this
no no no she’s acting like she doesn’t like this one what do you think do you
like that toy or bone she’s like licking it
I don’t know we might have to wait a little bit to see she likes this one who
you’re really close to the camera no I don’t know seems like she doesn’t really
like it here what if you go over there get it get him early yeah she’s not
liking that one alright so here’s another rubber one that squeaks so this
one just looks kind of like a bone the picture was of like a pink or a red one
or something so it looks like you’ll just get a random color t1 K so this
bone squeaker is 252 you like that one huh Marley I think she just likes all
the toys alright so this is our last one I thought this was kind of cool it looks
like a stick and it’s like really hard but it’s supposed to be City safer and
less messy I did technically cheat on this because it was five dollars and 14
cents but I thought maybe 14 cents wasn’t that big of a deal to go over so
this one’s a hair over the five dollars but I think she’ll like it
I think she’s trying to get what it is might maybe put it down well maybe I was
wrong she doesn’t seem to like that one that much yeah I think it’s because she
wants all these other toys they’re like Oh she’d like to see the bacon ball do
you like this one nope so I would say this baked this ball
that looks is rubber and smells like bacon is her favorite I know well that’s
why we didn’t do the video with Lucy look at Marley look at all your toys
alright guys so that’s pretty much it for today’s video I just wanted to show
you that you have some cheaper options because I know dog toys can be really
expensive but if you spend a little time you can find them a lot cheaper I also
do recommend going to the dollar store we get a lot of toys there they’re just
not gonna be as good of quality so if you’re interested in any of the toys
that I showed in the video today I will link them below I’ll list the link with
the prices you can kind of see what I paid cuz in your state or wherever you
live it might be a little bit different but other than that that’s it for
today’s video so I hope you liked it and if you did please give me a thumbs up
also if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe
and then hit this fell so you’re alerted when I uploading the video I’ll talk to
you later peace

David Frank



  1. Chloe Cancassi Posted on September 3, 2019 at 12:13 am

    Can u make a video on the how to with Kristen. How to make plugs

  2. Phillip Riggins Posted on September 9, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    Pretty cool video, thanks for sharing your video with us