April 9, 2020
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10 and Under Tennis Lessons at Elite Sports Clubs

Tennis at Elite works for kids ages 10 and under by a series of different groups that we have. We want to create a nice fun, low-pressure environment and start them out of it as young as they can. So, they can start from 3 years old starting with the red ball and then progressing to the orange ball, green dot, and then regular ball as they get a little bit older. Knuckle up, use your legs, keep your racket nice and straight. These are flip jacks. Ready and go! They look forward to them every week. Every Monday they always wake up and they go, “Mom! What day do we have tennis?” So, I know they enjoy it because they’re always asking when their next lesson is. Tennis lessons, tennis groups are offered at all five locations. You do not need to be a member if you’re under ten years old. Our three and four-year-olds will start out with throwing exercises; running, hopping, twisting. Whenever we can, we get them moving. Their hand eye coordination going. And then we’ll start with the racket skills and move along from there. If we have not seen your child play yet, then we’ll separate them by age. If we have seen them play, then we will go by skill level. The instructors here are wonderful. They encourage my kids to do better and have very positive attitudes which is what I’m looking for when my kids participate in sports. A typical group lesson will start with a dynamic stretch or jogs. Then we’ll start with either maybe some stroke focus, playing points right away, a kind of mixture of what we’ve done in the previous week, previous class. We encourage that they have their own equipment. If they don’t we provide rackets for them. But we believe it is a good thing to get your own racket. This kind of teaches the kids responsibility, bringing their racket to class. Support the kids. I mean, don’t push them too hard. But, if you see that they are enjoying it, play with them. Take them out to any public court or bring them into the club. Hitting against the wall is a great way to get a kid going, because the wall never misses. We encourage all kids play on their own. We love that, because that’s the best way to develop their game. Playing practice sets with another kid. And just encouraging them, you know. Don’t push them too much. We try to get them enrolled in groups, see if they like it, and then maybe take private lessons from there. And just kind of play as much as much as you can. We love Elite tennis!

David Frank