April 8, 2020
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1st Look: Miami Open’s Most Exclusive Tennis Party

welcome to Miami!
this is the match point passion party he has arrived and the party has started what is this party like? it’s huge
fun definitely with the food and so much fun and the music is just great and did you know that space where the party is do you know what that usually is when it’s
not a party space? tennis court! yes! first time here you can hear the music over there
what have you heard about this party? I heard it’s a cool party with less people
let’s say like that more exclusive? more exclusive yeah
and I hope to have some fun if you were DJing what would you play? well I would play definitely something Latin I would play some Migos because I like them a lot it’s a great feeling coming back every single year
I mean I love to come back to Miami I love the city the tennis fans love seeing the players here yeah it’s amazing I mean for the fans
it’s a big chance to see us just chat with us a little bit I think for us
players is also nice to meet all the people the fans it’s always great that
they are supporting us and this is always the best feeling when we are
on court we are playing they are cheering for us to give something back that’s a pretty special thing I mean
being here at the JW Marriott Marquis they love tennis
there’s food there’s music it’s always nice staying here they do a lot for the players
especially and it’s in such a good location I love it they treat me very well the hotel is incredible you know their rooms they have incredible
stuff for us and they take care of us this party is always fun
it’s around the time of your birthday so it’s become like an unofficial birthday celebration for you yes I know it’s every time of year my birthday so I’m happy that I’m here
I can spend my birthday in Miami which is amazing enjoy the party when I see you out there
I’m going to be doing this

David Frank