April 3, 2020
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hi I’m Joe Weisenfelder for cars dot com this is a 2010 Buick LaCrosse at the second generation
up their midsize sedan it is a new platform and design partly
in China which is you know problem seems little
bit weird but Buick is a huge brand in China to pretty bold look up for a
Buick which is the direction they’re kinda going in pretty a large real missus a Buick signature they used to be on the
side now they’ve got a kind of talk then you
can even see it from the side is this angle for the hood kinda dished out
another element this is called the sweeps Pierre if the
line that dips down comes back up a little more stylish than you probably scene and do it before and I’m a small
element here this little body colored square on basically it
allows the keyless entry Bob to communicate on data basically bouncing off the chrome
lot of cars have a a button up like a black but it’s kinda
ugly or some other form that doesn’t work every fourth time use that not a bad way
to go know the interior quality very nice I
mean two-b_-one GM’s had kinda three eras
have interior quality there was the are not really trying era then there was
the a trying which was the previous generation
across are not great and then now you have me trying and succeeding era %uh this
really shows you what general motors do when it but the effort and money into
it on the materials quality is good I think
the design is kind of conservative compared to something like the Cadillac CTS whether the display
pops about the dash are kinda classic gauges are really nice
and there’s this LED kinda ambient illumination little
hard to think that it’s not dark in here but generally speaking a big big improver so
even though to mid-size this platform a little different than the Chevy Malibu
and the Saturn Aura are still pretty roomy back here the
back the front seat as is all the way back and I think me a lot a letter about
their so I could have even more on pretty good
that way headroom seems to be fine pretty wide see to
there’s that center floor home which doesn’t make the best possible
same in the center here but it’s pretty wide up alarcon for and then here optional of course video screen to have
them on the trunk not about size especially
cuz the back to be pretty roomy on and aside
from being a good size with a pretty big
opening you’ve got a pastor in center and with people so I am driven the 2010 Buick LaCrosse but from the look at that
it’s a much better car than the first-generation and I like the fact that they didn’t try
to make it the new youth brand it still kinda conservative but the
quality is up across-the-board will cost more than the Chevy Malibu and
the Saturn Aura are write a little smoother little more
luxury up for additional information on this car
or any other gotta cars dot com on our blog kicking tires

David Frank