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2017 Canada Summer Games: Manitoba wins Gold in female volleyball

So Team Manitoba picks up the gold medal in
the female volleyball competition at the Canada Summer Games. Emma Parker from Team Manitoba.
Emma what is the feeling first of all, especially when you made that last point? What was the
feeling know that you had won gold at home? It really didn’t hit me at first but it is
honestly just a dream come true. Having all the fans with us, power through it, it was
just a dream. When the team kind of got together for the first couple of practices, did you
think this was possible? At the beginning, I knew we had a good team but, anything is
possible, but definitely I thought we had it. So what do you think then was the difference
that allowed you to defeat those power houses, Team Ontario and Alberta? Who hadn’t lost
coming in to today. What was the difference for your group? We had to stay super positive,
and we just had to know that we could beat them. And that we could beat anyone here.
Its anyone’s game. In terms of your volleyball career, is this as big as it gets for you?
Pretty much I am heading to U of W next year for volleyball so I will be there for the
next five years. But this is pretty big right now. And let me ask you about this massive
crowd. Do you think they played a factor in this game? Definitely cause they were all
on our side and that’s all I heard was just positive from team Toba. They were just fantastic.
And finally when you look back at this experience maybe a year or two from now, how are you
going to remember this? We got the gold! And I will remember that as that is a big factor.
And all of my team mates we were just amazing. Thank you so much for the time. Congrats!
He is the coach of the Manitoba Female Volleyball team. Josh coming off a gold medal. A hometown
gold medal Josh. What was the feeling when you guys made that last point? It was just
pure joy for the girls. For them to put in so much work and to set a goal for ourselves
as a group and to see it come true. To acheive a goal was just unbelievable. What was the
difference here, especially in these playoffs games against very talented Ontario and Alberta
teams. Why were your girls successful? We came up with game plans and the girls executed
them very very well. We did our best and put them in a position to win and they were able
to take that information and execute. And I think that is what pushed us over. We made
a few less errors than the other teams and that helped carry us through. Alberta takes
that first set today. A back and fourth set. Maybe could have been deflating for a lot
of teams. It didn’t look like your girls panicked at all. How did they react to that? We played
really well late last half of the set. So we felt positive even thought the last few
points did not go our way. And we were just able to build on that momentum and carry it
through the next three. What do you think a win like this means for volleyball in Manitoba?
I hope it gets young athletes excited about Canada Games. If it is not in your own backyard
you might now know that much about it. But it is such an amazing experience hopefully
they all got to see it and really strive to make it out and take part in this amazing
event. Alright Josh, thank you for this, Manitoba Female Volleyball team Gold at the 2017 Canada
Summer Games.

David Frank