April 4, 2020
  • 6:35 am THE REFEREE 2/2
  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket

I’m just happy to the talent that we have
we returned some pretty good players as I said some pretty dynamic offensive
players are gonna mix in with some of our newer guys that are certainly
capable. You know with Lynch and Fornataro coming back as the two leading
point guys you know we’re expecting them to to lead our offense and you know work
with our younger guys and get them in the system. This year with attack we’re a
little bit deeper with Joey as like a dual threat now and we got Kyle Landrigan
down and Cale Donegan is one of the most the highest IQ out of any player
I’ve ever played with probably is Cale Donegan and he’s a smart kid he sees a
field very well he’s gonna be a huge huge help for our team and our main goal
is to win the Empire 8’s and make the playoffs and keep going and not stopping. They’re doing a pretty good job you know they’ve been putting in the time and the
work ethic is there you know when we recruited them that’s what we’re looking
for that’s part of the process so pretty happy with the freshmen and how they’re
developing we have a great strength and conditioning guy in Dave Preston’s
really has really made an impact on our guys and it’s been beneficial you know
working with some of these older guys too they’re learning how to play a little
bit faster than they did in high school and it’s an adjustment as it is for
every freshman coming in regardless of their talent level so pretty happy with
the way they have developed there will be some younger guys certainly playing
for us that are that are talented enough to do that right away which is rare but
confident their ability and there’ll be some growing pains along the way as well. Yeah so at the midfield we have Garrett Briggs he’s a sophomore faceoff guy
he’s got a step into a big role this year he’s gonna be the starting guy and
it all starts with him you know we can see him winning a lot this year which
will basically set the tone for our offense and defense because if he’s
winning then everyone else can work off of that you got myself and Chedzoy will
be on the wings along with Zach Landrigan at D-middie so us three coming back we
kind of had that chemistry going and I think that’ll show on the field. Yeah with boy the different grooves the attack and you know there’s a real nice
freshman on a Corning Cale Donegan who’s a very good feeder will be a great
addition right away you know addition some of the other guys and Kyle
Landrigan has really developed his game to help us out you know a couple of the
other younger guys to we’re gonna probably see some time. You know our
midfield is it’s pretty well balanced with you know graduating Derek Bishopp
and Nick Skibitsky and some of the other guys you know you work to find someone
to replace those guys but I think back to when they were freshmen and how they
developed along the way too so we got some pretty good hard-working middies so
I’m pretty excited for that group really they’re very steady and they take care
of the ball and that is something we have put an emphasis on this year so
it’s been nice to see them do what we’re asking them to do I mean the defense is
led by Shane Weber that this guy is a sophomore standout he’s probably one of
the best defensemen we’ve ever coached in my 22 years and he’ll lead that group with
Ben Cafolla and Frank Gavigan and Ian Chedzoy
just it’s a pretty nice defensive unit they have come a long way just in one
year so we’re pretty excited for that and the goalie
we are absolutely deep there I am confident I could go down we’ve got five
of them and all five of them are pretty good I’m very impressed with that it’s
been a battle and we’ll see how it all lays out I’m sure it will change a
little bit throughout the season just based on the work ethic of some of the
guys trying to work their way in happy with that and Garrett Briggs is gonna
dominate and lead us at the faceoff that he has put in a lot of time and effort
and he will be a huge addition for us there as a developmental player from
last year it was a pretty good athlete ah well we’re definitely hoping to
accomplish a lot we got me and Ben at returners and we also pulled Frank
Gavigan down from the midfield so that should definitely help and then we have
a couple freshmen coming in like Jeremiah Kinner so he’ll be in the
rotation as well and big thing is just stopping the other team from scoring and
getting the ball down the field yeah just poise ball control less
turnovers that’s been the big emphasis ever since you know we left you know the
win with Fisher last year going into this year even in
the fall it’s been really about the ball control and making good choices and
putting ourselves into positions to make good choices and we really have
emphasized that these guys have taken to it are all bought in it’s it’s been a
it’s been a fun group one of the funnest groups I’ve been had the opportunity to
work with and I hope they continue that and I expect nothing nothing less than that.

David Frank