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2018 Alfred University Women’s Lacrosse Season Preview

so great assets in Karly and Tracy
having been experienced with the program and having relationships already
developed with the athletes and knowing the strengths and areas
of growth that each brings individually so that put us a few
steps ahead but the big goal for us this year is commitment to the process
and taking the team instead of using the end of the season as our
measurement for success really you know our day-to-day is tomorrow better
than today was is today better than yesterday and are we growing in the
different areas it’s a back to fundamentals approach but the commitment
to that process no matter what level of skill or experience we’re at we’ve
already seen pay dividends in our play day where we came out with a win against
Frederick Community and a nice tie against Juniata so we’re seeing the work
pay off and the biggest thing I think in building into the next season and the
seasons after that is you know that culture of commitment to process and
embracing that it is a day-by-day and as long as we we give every day our best it
pays out in the end so we want to be more competitive and
Empire 8 play this year we really want to make a mark in the Empire 8
this year also with Coach McGaffigan again coming in this year we really wanted to
take our time and like make the culture where we want to leave it for future
years so that when the girls are coming in they feel a little bit more welcomed
and ready to go so I’m starting on attack we have a new in comer player
Hannah she’s really understanding the game really well taking it all in so
we’re excited to see what she can do following preseason
Allie she’s a returner her first years last year doing fine animal job she’s
helping out every out in the field making connections working for each
other that’s our main thing on attack right now and then we have Jackie she’s
also a returner she’s a senior this year she something she starts in the circle
as well as very versatile can work the field she has legs for it we have
Middies Quinn she’s a freshman this year she was on the soccer team
she’s very versatile as well she allows for a lot of balance on attack
and then also Randi she’s a senior returner she’s gonna make a huge impact
with goals making the connections running middie transitioning downfield and
then we have defense we have Thomann she’s a returner senior this year she’s
a great strong lower defender so we’re excited to see what she can do then we
have Sarah Turner she’s a freshman this year she’s really good
lacrosse IQ that can make connections with the team really make it impact on D
this year then we have Martina she’s a senior returner as well
strong D she’s a really strong presence so we’re excited for that and then we
have two goalies this year that we’re very excited about we have Shannon our
senior returner she’s made a huge impact in
her season these past four years and then we have Paige freshmen we’re
excited to see what she could do following the season so coming out of
last year we did lose a lot of our seniors and that was a majority of our
team so we brought a lot of new faces in this year a lot of first-year players a
lot of freshmen it’s been good to see everybody kind of get along kind of
rebuild the team dynamic through this year preseason helped a lot with that
because we were able to get the girls in who were first-year players who maybe
haven’t played a team sport before nonetheless like played a college sport
so really kind of just interacting with them making them aware that like
upperclassmen are here we’re here to help we have questions you know will
come answer them it’s just been really good to get that bonding throughout
practices throughout preseason our goal for this year really with team bonding
is just have team dinners maybe before weekend games try and get together and
do like group activities when we go down for our spring training we have a lot of
team bonding plans so I think it’s really gonna bring our close-knit team a
lot closer and we’re just gonna work throughout the season to keep that on
the field during play so in the past we’ve always been really good on defense
we’ve had a solid defense great communication good chemistry with
everybody and this year we’re really trying to transition more into the
attack and the midfielders and play more of an offensive game so
far I think that’s going really well and we want to continue our high percentage
on eight meter shots because throughout the years we’ve been good at those and
it’d be great to continue that this year is definitely really exciting not only
for our lacrosse program but for the entire athletic department as well
because with coach Preston coming in and taking on all of athletics he has really
been focused on getting us into the best shape that we possibly can before our
sports start and even during and helping us out with whatever we need being able
to go to lift and really like compete with our teammates but still work together
I’ve definitely noticed that in practices we all feel a lot stronger and
a lot quick on our feet and he’s helped us with nutrition and cardio and
everything and it’s definitely we’ve seen a really big impact in practices
with all that yeah I mean so far I’ve just been impressed with the overall
energy coming from honestly even our folks who are new to team sports in
general they’re just excited to be they’re excited to learn and that’s
contagious amongst the returners you see the returners out there getting some
extra reps and and and starting to think more on the form and purpose of why they
do things instead of just because I do it and that in turn goes back to those
those new folks and enhances their experience but the energy the growth
that we’ve seen from day one of this preseason to now which is about four and
a half weeks has been it’s just been mind-blowing to see where we started and
where we are now which just really helps to instill that commitment to process
and knowing that it does pay off so the excitement’s there the
commitments there and you know just working to really build that culture of
accountability where we want to work for each other and you know taking some some
selfish opportunities in order to create better opportunities for our teammates

David Frank