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2018 Denison Men’s Lacrosse Season Preview

NARRATOR: Forty years ago Sports Illustrated featured the Denison Men’s Lacrosse program in an article titled “Big Sticks of the Midwest.” After a Final Four appearance in 2017 and back-to-back 18-2 seasons, Denison has their sights locked on a National Championship. It might be the perfect time to replace Midwest with USA. LIAM BURMAN: We just want to build off of last season going with that competitiveness and then going out to practice with that mental toughness. SPENCER BUTLER: The last two is big success for us third final floor appearance in Denison history and we’re definitely a strong team last year, but we also very confident with our returning players. MIKE CARAVANA: It’s been a good four or five years for us certainly. We’re very excited about what we’ve able to accomplish both in the conference level level and national level, but you know we’re still trying to be as good as we possibly can be. SPENCER BUTLER: We definitely increased our strength schedule this season but one thing that coach hearts on is if you want to be the best you got to play the best That’s something that we definitely draft, and we’re excited about and we’re confident about it. LIAM BURMAN: I think that’s what the program needs. I think that’s what we want as a program as a team this year to test our strengths against them, MIKE CARAVANA: So far preseason has gone well. We have a generally pretty experienced group coming back. We feel like we’ve got a good enough team to compete for you know for the titles that were good talking about LIAM BURMAN: It’s been fun. It’s a great group of guys we have this year and some of the snowy practices have been fun. So we’re really excited to start playing some other teams other than ourselves, but it’s been fun. MIKE CARAVANA: I feel like we’re gonna be able to generate some good offensive opportunities where we score as much as we did last year who’s to say, but then again you know we haven’t really seen a noticeable drop-off because our Sophomore players have been very very good. SPENCER BUTLER: When you graduate two All- American attackers like Willam and Liam you definitely take a hit on offense. This year a big thing we’re trying to emphasize is leadership on our side. We’re excited. Definitely a new unit, but we feel confident in our ability. MIKE CARAVANA: Very strong in the middle of the field almost returning most of our guys both short stick, the midis and our long poles and Henry DeCamp and facing off. We expect that unit to be very very solid for us. LIAM BURMAN: We’re always talking, we’re always communicating, you know that’s the stuff that our defense needs. And we need to get better at it obviously, but I think our comfortability is gonna really help us in big-time game situations. MIKE CARAVANA: We want to play for championships at the NCAA level. I think this year maybe more than other years we’re starting the season believing that we can. SPENCER BUTLER: You know we want to be the best team we want to be up there in the National Championship game. LIAM BURMAN: I think that’s our goal for this season, and it’s not going to be easy, but we’re ready for the challenge.

David Frank