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2018 Hampden-Sydney Lacrosse Season Preview

Jason Rostan: I think that in the short term,
you know our main goal is just to develop a mentality where we play hard and play with
some toughness every time we step on the field. That’s been a focus for us this preseason. Short preseason here, you know playing this
weekend with Salisbury. I think in the end our goal is to win the
ODAC again. You know, be able to compete with everybody
in the league, we do that we give ourselves a chance to get back to the NCAA Tournament
and compete for a national championship. Ian Levin: This year coming into 2018, our
goal is to win the ODAC again. We know that task isn’t going to be easy,
we’re excited to work towards that. But at the same time we’re focusing on one
game at a time. So we’re really excited to play Salisbury,
really focused on that. And for right now, our goal is going to Salisbury
and giving our best effort, playing hard, and playing together Jason Rostan: Preseason’s gone great so far,
and I think what’s made it fun and easy for us is that we’ve got 18 seniors on this team. So I feel like we’ve got great leadership. It’s the biggest senior class we’ve ever had
in the history of the program here at Hampden-Sydney. We’ve got three great captains, and you know
18 seniors that are just leading us every day and they know how to compete. They know what to expect every day, and they’re
excited. That makes it fun. Hunter Brown: Preseason’s been going great. We’ve been at it for now two weeks. We’ve really started strong than any other
year that we’ve been here, I think. Practices have been competitive, faster, and
kids are really moving the ball around well. So, I think preseason’s been going great,
but we’ll see this weekend when we start up with Salisbury. Jason Rostan: Again I think our strengths
are in our leadership and our experience. You know we’ve got so many guys in this senior
class that have started for us or played major roles for three and four years now. So it’s great to come back with guys that
know what to expect out there. But more than that, just to have 18 guys that
are leading every day. Kent Henry: As Hunter said, practices and
preseason have been going well. I think that can be attributed to our senior
leadership. I think that’s a big strength for us this year. We have 18 seniors returning, a lot of kids
who’ve played before, and I think that will help us down the stretch. Jason Rostan: You know tough question, but
I think we’ve got a lot of guys. Obviously, several players that scored a ton
of points for us last year. A couple guys that set some program records,
and that type of thing. So you know we’re expecting those guys to
really come back and pick their game up even more and have a great season this year. But I also think we’ve got some young guys
who are going to fill in for us. We’ve got a couple new freshmen on our attack
that I think add some quickness for us. I’m excited about our defensive midfield. I think we’ve got some athletes there that
can really run the field and create in transition. We’ve got a couple new faces on defense as
well and at the faceoff x. In the goal I feel we’ve got several goalies
that are playing very well right now, and competing for the job, so it’s exciting Hunter Brown: On the offensive end, a kid
that’s really been stepping up in practice every single day is Jack Little. He’s a senior this year. He’s been around for four years and he’s really been
working hard and his game’s really showing that, running really hard
and scoring a lot of goals in practice, creating a lot of offense. And I’ll have it over to Kent for the defensive
end. Kent Henry: Defensively, Dylan Curry, d-mid
has stepped up big time this year. Saw time last year and really made some good
plays. All practice so far he’s just been giving
his all and really making people work. Jason Rostan: You know I think, probably not
one thing but I think looking forward to every game we play. I think a big focus for us, especially this
preseason, has just that we know every team we play is extremely tough. You know the nature of lacrosse right now,
there are so many great players playing out there. You know there’s not a bad team on your schedule
anymore. So if you’re not at the top of your game and
playing your best, you’re probably going to lose a game. So I think you’ve got to focus one game at
a time, and that’s what we’re trying to do right now, just enjoy every single day that
we’re out there, and really compete hard every game. Ian Levin: Coming into the 2018 season, I
think the biggest thing that I’m looking forward to and the guys at this table are looking
forward to is just getting to play games with our team. You know, it’s our last season. Really excited just to go thru the process
of playing. It’s really fun, spending the first two weeks
grinding and getting ready for Salisbury. And then we get going, we’ve got 17 games
and we play every game we can. And we’re really excited just to enjoy this
process because it’s our last time around. Really focused on just focusing on details.

David Frank