March 31, 2020
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2018 Moravian College Volleyball Season Preview

The goals for this upcoming season with
eight new players would be to continue to improve our culture and to have
everybody mesh on the team and then to see what each person needs to grow and
to get better as a volleyball player and then ultimately to find out those great
combinations that are gonna give us success on the court. This upcoming
season we’re looking really good we brought in eight new players and
everyone has their own skills and they have a positive attitude and we’ve been
working really hard in these double sessions and I think we’re gonna have a
really successful season. Our teams preparing for the upcoming season by working really hard with double sessions every day we did a really tough
conditioning test on the first day of pre-season and we’re practicing a lot and making sure we’re very well conditioned. Our team’s biggest accomplishment so far was our last regular-season game last year we beat Catholic in five sets and got Shelly her 500th win to go into Conference playoffs. The match I’m looking forward most this year is definitely Muhlenberg to play our rival it’s always a really exciting
game it’s always really competitive cause we always wanna win. So a typical week of practice would include scouting our opponents and seeing what
some of their strengths and weaknesses are so we can figure out our game plan against them. It would include various volleyball activities such as serving and passing creating our lineups that will be most successful against that opponent and having some grueling hard challenging practices so we’re ready to play in that competition. Go Hounds!

David Frank