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2018 Tribute Dinner (Luna)

Good evening everyone, I’m Luna Prestia. I’m a 5th grader at PS 174 William Sydney Mount
and second place winner of the Fall 2017 Stock Market Game. I’m really excited and thankful to be
here, but usually not so great at speaking in front of large groups of
people, but I decided to make an exception tonight.
I didn’t know much about companies, stocks, and mutual funds, but with the help of my teachers, Ms. Torossian and Mrs. Russell, and the programs offered by the
SIFMA Foundation, I learned that investing isn’t just
about making money, but what you choose to do with it. But first let’s talk
about how I’ve made my money — well not “my” money, but you know what I mean. Before I began investing with my team, we researched different types of companies that make products and services I use
every day like iPhones from Apple, movies from Netflix, Minecraft, my favorite and
the best game ever, owned by Microsoft, and Amazon which has basically everything. With Halloween just around the corner, I was looking forward to investing in Party City but my team didn’t agree and
I won’t even begin to tell you how sad I was when Toys R Us went out of business. I was looking forward to that too. But Toys R Us taught me how important it is to look at a company’s growth over time. Using how well they’ve done in the past to help make predictions about their future. And even then, you still need to be
careful and create a diversified portfolio. In addition to stocks, my team
decided to invest some of our money in mutual funds such as Fidelity, which at first I was calling “fiddly dee.” Mutual funds feel safer and helped us to
have more control over our portfolio. We like that. Researching and keeping track of my investments with the Stock Market Game was one of my favorite things to do
in fourth grade and what I looked forward to the most when I started fifth.
It’s so much fun! It also helped me to focus and pay attention in class and I
really like being able to work with my friends. When I’m older I want to
continue to be an investor but not as my job. Last year I wanted to be a lawyer
but now I think I want to be the head of a company. As the head of a company, I’d make sure
that everyone that works for me invests too because I want to help them build
better lives. Investing can help you make lots of money, but if I do, I just
want to buy a small house and then give the rest to charity. But I’m still figuring it all out. I’m only
10! The Stock Market Game helped me learn that investing can help you create the life you want, meet your goals and help people. Helping people is a good
thing to do and my favorite part about making money. Thank you for helping me, my friends, and students all over the country learn how to build a better life. Now
wish me luck! I’m trying to make it to the Stock Market Game awards ceremony
again this year. They have Donuts. Sweet! I wonder how the Dunkin Donuts stock is
doing right about now. Thanks so much for listening and keep investing in the
things and people you care about. I know I will.

David Frank