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2019 Elmira College Men’s Volleyball Season Preview

Everything’s going well. I mean
everybody’s gonna have their kinks at the begin of the season. The best thing
is to just work through it and now our main focus this year is to get better
every single day. You’re not gonna have the best practice every single day. So
you want to focus on key elements whether if you have a great past and a
great serving day a great hitting day. Even in vocals like a big thing with
volleyball is communication that’s what we want to focus on this year. A lot of
things that are going on is just the freshmen contributing. I mean they’re
really pushing us as seniors too because we got everyone trying to fight for
their own spot. I mean it pushes us to it just it just makes everyone want to work
harder and make make our goals work. The senior leadership is as crucial as it’s
ever been. These guys have been experienced they’ve
been with me since I’ve arrived a couple years ago and they’ve developed as
people and developed as players as well. That experience on the court in big
games is something that really can’t be duplicated and guys that have been there
before guys that are gonna be the ones that are we can rely on to put the ball
away in those crucial situations or make that big defensive play when it’s when
it’s not necessarily expected and just understanding that the moment can never
be too big for someone who has been in those shoes and just keeping your
composure and being able to stay consistent and be so successful in those
situations gonna be crucial for us. We got a lot of guys leading the charge
going forward. I mean we’re expecting more guys to step
up this year make some big plays but I definitely think that having that core
group with three years of experience each going back is gonna be really
beneficial to us. We know what to expect we know what we need to do to be
successful and I think it’s a great recipe for success moving forward. We’ll
be doing some great things this year. For this year we’re really hoping to kind of
keep progressing from last year. Obviously making it into the first round
of the UVC tournament. Whenever we start a season we’re always looking to be in
that championship conversation and we’re hoping to get hopefully to the
finals this year and make it into the NCAA. If their guys are able
to work half as far as they did last year hopefully twice as hard this year
and we should be hopefully be able to make it into the NCAA tournament.
Well I mean you always gotta shoot for the stars. I mean we’re aiming last year
we made the UVC Conference tournament and hadn’t made it in a couple of years. So
this year we’re trying to make it to the dance at the NCAA. We’re gonna take it
one step at a time one game at a time one weekend at a time. I think the
biggest thing for us is to just focus on the things that we can do on the side of
the court, that we can control and then in the end we’ll end up in the victory
that we want.

David Frank