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2019 OLLU Volleyball Preview

It really ended up being an
easy decision; I was looking around various jobs and opportunities
and we looked at various areas of the country and the city of San
Antonio itself was a huge draw and then when I came on campus and started
meeting the administration and the other coaches and especially the young ladies
that was part of the interview process it was supposed to be about a half hour
of meeting with the team and that went about an hour and a half and there was
just a natural connection there and I felt like I could help. I walked into a
pretty good situation; Coach Tiffin did a great job building the
program on the court and there’s been a lot of success here so I hope I can just
come in and keep things going and build a really deep foundation here on and off
the court. No doubt the cupboard is far from bare. Sometimes when there’s a
coaching change you’re kind of rebuilding but that is definitely not
the case here. You walk into the gym and you’ve got several
all-conference players and honorable mention all-american and some pretty good leadership and it’s an exciting thing to be a part of. We’ve got some versatility
at the net where we’re going to be able to move some players around and have them hit from
different positions and really our ball control is is improving very very
quickly, as well especially our depth in those areas. We’ve got some really good
top-end starters there but the depth is what I think is going to catch people
off-guard. There’s a lot of volleyball a lot of good volleyball between those two
careers and we just want them to leave a legacy you know we talk about legacy an
awful lot here where it’s not just about how well you play the game but what you
leave behind and I think our leaders are really buying into that idea and
understanding that it’s not just a volleyball team, it’s a program, it’s a
family, it’s something special that’s more than just batting a
ball over a net and I think those two are really starting to take to that and
they’re really owning their roles. But it’s not just the seniors, it’s everybody that’s returning and even our incomers that are really
buying into the program and the legacy idea. Coming in in February
you get kind of nervous when you come in in February and you’ve got to
recruit a whole new class and we were so blessed to be able to find five really
young ladies that are great fits for our program – all high academic and all with
really good volleyball pedigree and .resumes Kalani Ketchens is coming
over from Lee College, she was a Brennan kid that played with Bailei back
in high school. She’s going to provide a lot of depth at
various hitting positions. Sadie Ballesteros is a freshman from Southwest
that’s really had a nice summer and then Angelina, Jurnee, and Val and it’s just
we’ve got a lot of kids coming in that provide a lot of depth and good
experience in their high school and club and even some sand volleyball out there. We’re looking forward to it, I mean obviously I’m new to it but doing my
research obviously Huston-Tillotson is going be good again and Wiley returns a
lot of their strong players from last year and it’s going to be interesting as I get used to the conference and I’ll be
relying on our players an awful lot to tell me about what these teams do and
and whatnot in our scouting reports and I’m not nervous about that, I actually
really like that because again it’s passing ownership to our players and we
talk about that legacy and ownership is part of that legacy so while we’ll have
scouting reports and whatnot obviously I don’t know as much of the history about
them as many of our returners do so it’s going to be a really collaborative effort
in putting together our game plans and our strategies to face the tough

David Frank