March 31, 2020
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2019 RIT Women’s Lacrosse Senior

on defense a senior from Rochester New
York number 8 Jessica Gover so today we celebrate the four year career of
Jessica Gover and today’s game has been identified as over day jessica is our
only senior this year jessica has been a huge addition to our
team she was made a captain this year she’s done her awesome job of helping
that younger girls out but the best part about Jessica is her motivation her self
motivation the way she drives herself she’s done everything she needed to do
she’s done everything I’ve asked her to do in the four years to make herself a
better player this year she’s played a lot more than she has in the past and it
was it was needed almost getting to play lacrosse every day there’s no lacrosse
after this year and it’s something that’s kind of been part of me for so
long it’s gonna be hard to transition to not playing lacrosse seeing my best
friend’s everyday talking to them all the time it’s gonna be a hard transition
the fact you can have instant friends especially this year I love everyone on
the team and we’re really close which is something we’ve struggled with in the
past I feel like I’m best friends with everyone be very sad when I leave them
so the best memory of it was when we got to this semifinal there made it to
Liberty leagues for the first time it’s something you’ve never been able to do
before we talk every year about getting purple we always end up just short of it
it’s really crushing so to be able to get there for the first time it’s been a
long time since the program’s been able to do it it’s a really big moment for us
and to even get past the first round being Skidmore was a really big moment
for us the whole team really played one of our best games we were really well
connected it’s something that we’ve been trying to build on and it’s me reference
that feeling all the time it’s a really big moment to be able to extend Jessica
isn’t just your average student she’s their fourth year here and she’s working
on her master’s she’s getting around behavior so we’re real proud of her I
know her teammates are real proud of her I’m looking forward to seeing where she
ends up when she graduates here I think she’s going to have a great career
whatever she decides to do you

David Frank