November 14, 2019
  • 4:38 am Denison Men’s Lacrosse Wrap-Up vs. Salisbury (NCAA Final Four)
  • 4:38 am Lacrosse Player Fights Rare Cancer
  • 4:38 am Mike Dean removed as fourth official for Chelsea vs Tottenham after Mauricio Pochettino row
  • 4:38 am Officials praise police after officer-involved shooting outside John Hardin High
  • 4:38 am Timber Tennis: Versus – Launch Trailer | PS4

Check out your form. Stand in front of a mirror. Get rid of the ball because it will only make this harder. Good form might be very different
from the way your pocket throws. Make sure there’s nothing
above you or behind you. Now look at your throwing motion a couple of times. Do you look more like this? Your chest is facing the target, your bottom hand is low, your top hand is pushing? If you follow through more, are your arms locked in a horseshoe? Or do you look more like this? Your chest sideways to the target, your bottom hand by your chin your top hand behind your body following through pointing at the target and your bottom hand finishes at your elbow.

David Frank