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4 Speed Ladder Exercises That Will Improve Your Footwork | Tennis Conditioning

Hello guys and good morning. Today we are going to show you some speed
ladder exercises that you can do with your athletes. Alexander is going to perform them and I’m
going to give you some information about the drill, how they are called and what they are
for and so forth so you have an understanding of what you are doing and you can emulate
that with your athletes at home. Ok? Here we go. First exercise we are going to do is the Fast
Feet forward and reverse. Alexander is going to demonstrate. We are going to do it so that each leg and
each square as fast as possible going through the ladder. So you are going to do it forward and you
are going to do the same thing in reverse. That’s good. So after you do that you take a little break,
10 – 20 seconds, and then you want to make sure you start with the other leg. So you on the first time if you started with
the right leg, second time you want to start with the left leg. That’s it. When you do the reverse part make sure the
upper body leans forward so you don’t fall back if you are going really fast. Ok? It’s just a quick pointer and the exercise
is very good for the quick step sequence moving forward or if you have to hit an overhead
and need quick feet – that’s the reason why we would do this exercise. Ok, next we are going to have the Lateral
Fast Feet. So you are facing sideways as Alexander does
and same thing: you want to hit the squares really quickly. This basically emulates your footwork when
you move along the baseline. Same thing here, you can take a little break
in between and then you turn around and do it the other way. Just make sure that the hips stay square. So you always want to make sure the hips are
square and there is no hip rotation in the movement. Also, if you are a beginner it is fine if
you are looking down to the ground to see the squares. As a beginner that’s fine. Since in tennis
you look forward while moving you eventually want to get to you looking forward while moving
through the speed ladder. That would be level 2. For level 3 we move through the speed ladder
looking forward or while looking at the coach tracking an object. That would be level 3, the professional level
because that’s what you have to do on the tennis court. You have to move forward, backwards, sideways
while tracking an opponent and the tennis ball. So that’s what you want to eventually emulate
when you are doing the speed ladder exercises. Ok, next one we have the Jump Over Fast Feet. We are going to do that first. So you jump over…no, no. Ok? So you jump over the 1st square and then
you move back. We are doing it later on a little bit slower. It’s a great exercise for the 1st step sequence
when you have to rush forward or if you play serve and volley…things of that nature. So you want to make sure you do it leading
with the right side first. If you have done that then you come back and
you do it with the left foot first. So you always want to make sure you do it
on both sides so that you are equally fast in the starting sequence. That’s it. Very good. You can also do these drills while holding
a tennis racquet because that’s what you are actually doing in the sport. Of course, if you are involved with other
sports, where you don’t hold anything in your hands you also want to make sure that the
upper body mechanics are insync with lower body mechanics but since in the sport of tennis
we are holding a tennis racquet upper body mechanics become less important. They are rather secondary and so when you
are doing the exercises you can kind of neglect what happens with the upper body since you
are holding a racquet in your hand. Ok, next exercise we are going to do the Slalom. So basically it’s a good thing if you set
up the speed ladder in the double’s alley and you are basically moving sideways as Alexander
does here. And you want to make sure you jump over the
sidelines just as a visual quo. And you always want to make sure you push
off with the outside leg. That’s very important in this drill. This drill is really great to also improve
dynamic stability cause you are on one leg, gotta stick the landing, control the body
and push off to the other side and you have to do that again. Again, those are things you would be doing
on the tennis court. That’s why it’s really great to do it as a
speed ladder drill…to emulate the movement patterns that you encounter on the tennis
court. Ok. And that’s basically it, right? Good. Alright guys. So that was it. We had a few exercises that we wanted to show you that you can do with your athletes. You can also do it before you do the tennis training session as a dynamic warm up if you prefer. Hope you enjoyed it, see you soon, bye. Well, that’s it again for today’s episode. As usual, opinions can differ. What’s your point of view? Let us know below in the comment section. A brand new episode will be available next Sunday. So make sure you don’t miss it and subscribe! In the meantime I recommend you watch some of the previous episodes – you should really watch them all! If you like what you saw tell your friends – I’m sure they will appreciate it. I’m Philipp Halfmann, Thank you for watching and Auf Wiedersehen!

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