March 31, 2020
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4,000 Volleyball Players?!! |

(fervent sizzling) – Breakfast time. – [Clintus] What you making? – Pancakes, sausage, and bacon. – [Clintus] What
game you playing? – PUBG.
– [Clintus] PUBG? – He jumped up the
wall and I sprayed him and right before I
killed him my iPad died. – [Tiffany] Is this
your workstation? Woo hoo. – What’s up? – [Tiffany] This
your workstation? – For now. I’m the most
comfortable at work. – [Tiffany] Nice headset. – You like that?
(clicks tongue) – [Sierra] They get
uncomfortable after a while. – They’re not very comfortable but they actually
surprisingly block out noise. I didn’t even know
you were talking to me. – [Sierra] Yeah,
I’ve heard it. – [Tiffany] Somebody’s happy
I brought the whip cream. – I would’ve been
fine with syrup too cause I thought you
only brought the syrup ’cause I only saw the
syrup and the pancake mix ’cause I would’ve just
done what I did last night and dipped it and I was like,
“Whip cream!” – [Bryce] Fries? – [Memaw] Now I know. – [Bryce] It’s very neat. – [Clintus] 83 courts, here,
in the south hall of the Las Vegas
convention center. This is hands down the
biggest volleyball tournament we’ve ever been to. This is amazing. (loud crowd chatter) So many people! So many volleyball players. Downstairs to another hall. (continuous crowd chatter) (whistle blows) – [Clintus] Here we go! Good save.
Good save. Go Sierra! Nice. Nice! Good job!
(crowd cheers) Ooohhh. Ooohhh. Nice. That’s perfect! (whistle blows) Save it. – [Woman] Yes, Abby!
– [Clintus] Oh! Great pass.
Great pass. – [Woman] Yes, Abby! (crowd chatter) Woo hoo hooo hoo hoo! That’s perfect! – [Bryce] Can the linesmen see? Well, it’s on all
four corners, so… – [Clintus] Oh. Ooh. Woohoo! Great serve, Jaden. Yeah.
(crowd cheers) Game point. Here we go. Good serve. – [Tiffany] Yes.
– [Clintus] Yes. Ooohhh! Game point.
Here we go, Jaden. Oh hohohoho ho ho! (Clintus laughs) (crowd chatter) Nice! – [Girl] He dropped it gain. They can’t eat it. – [Memaw] They can’t eat it. – [Sierra] He keeps dropping it. The wind’s blowing it. – Alright, so after our
first match how’d we do? – Good.
– We won in two? – Yep. – So we won in two
and now we’re on break. We’re gone head over, buy
a t-shirt, eat some snacks and then match two. Right? – Yep.
– Yep! Yep! (crowd chatter) – [Clintus] Nice! (whistle blows) Wooo! (crowd applause) Game point.
Game point. Whoop, there it is. Yo. Uh, uhh! There it is!
There it is! (whistle blows) Nice, Larissa! Woo! (crowd chatter) Mmmm! Great serve.
Great serve. Nice. Here we go, Maddie!
Lets go! Good serve! Ooohhh! Nice! Good save!
Good Save! Yeah! Alright, match two results? – Good.
Awesome – [Clintus] Two and O. Two and O. Now, your team’s reffin? – Yep. – [Clintus] So we ref and
then we play our final game? Final match? Feelin’ pretty good? – Yep. – [Clintus] Day one of three. Got two more days of this. – I know. I’m excited. – [Clintus] Third
and final match. Go Sierra. Nice! Woohoo! Whoop! Whoop! Yeah!
Good eye, Sierra! – [Tiffany] Yeah! Yeah, Sierra! – [Clintus] Wooo! Ooohhh! Got us! Ooohhh. Right on the line. Nice! (nonstop stadium chattering) Woo! Oh ho ho! Right back at ya! Yes. Oh, out. Good save. Nice, Jaden. Oh! Ooh, a curve. Oh, get down! Ooh. Lucky.
– [Woman 2] Nice. – [Clintus] Oh! Aarrgh. There we go. Nice, Sierra. Go, Jaden. Yes. Yes! Let’s go, Sierra.
Let’s finish it. Let’s finish it. Nice. Oh! Out! Game point. Oh, the jump serve! The jump serve! Ohhh! (chattering audience) Two more points. Two more points.
Here we go. Talk. Talk. Oh! Ooohhh! Out. Aaarrgh! Hhmmm. Going to three. Let’s do this. (shouting commands) Wooo! (whistle blows in distance) Nice! Wooo! Ahhh. Back in the game.
Get back in the game. Arrggh. (players chatter) Nice, Sierra. Yes! Yes!
– [Man] Wooo. Yes!
(crowd cheers and applause) – [Man] Wooo! It’s that left hand,
man, seriously. – [Woman 3] Nice serve! Yeah! – [Clintus] Nice tip. Nice! Woohoo!
(crowd cheers and applause) This is like last game. Woo! Nice! Oh ho ho. Out! – [Woman 3] Yes!
Stay strong. It’s harder to sit still. Yes! – [Clintus] Wooo!
(crowd cheers and applause) – [Woman 3] That was out. (crowd cheers and applause)
– [Clintus] Wooo! Game point, girl.
Let’s go. – [Woman 2] Come on, Sierra!
Right here, babe! – [Clintus] Good job, Sierra! It’s game point
for the Livewire. Hmmm. (overlapping cheers) Alright, guys we are
literally the last team here. Last game of the day. Look at this.
This place is completely empty. – [Bryce] There’s a
couple courts over there. – [Clintus] So many courts. I don’t know. We’re the last ones
down on the lower level. There’s another level up top
we’re gonna go through here but I think we’re
one of the last games. Unfortunately, we lost. We won the first one, lost the
last two of this last match but we’re leaving the day two
and one, so feels pretty good coming into day two,
two wins, one loss. But man that team, Livewire,
big shout out to Hannah for watching the videos,
great game by them. The beat us down to the wire. Down to the wire. Both games that we lost
to them was down to the wire. We ended up going past
25 and had to win by two on the first one then
got to 16 and beat us. So its a good game but a
whole lot more volleyball to come guys so stay tuned. Alright, guys we made
our way back to the hotel. It’s 11 P.M.,
everyone has gone to bed. I’m gonna attempt
to edit this video and get it uploaded at
least before I go to bed so that I can post it tomorrow on a normal time for you guys. I was on the fence. I almost was like I’m not gonna
do dailies all weekend long because it’s three
days of volleyball, literally today, tomorrow,
and the next day are gonna be the exact
same days for the most part I’m kinda slipping
back into the daily. I don’t know.
If I can do it, I’m gonna do it. If I can’t do it,
I’m just gonna be like, “Sorry guys. Can’t do it.” So I’m gonna attempt to do it. So thanks for watching. Thumbs up if you liked it.
“i” in the sky for more videos and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on. (hip hop music)

David Frank