April 5, 2020
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5 Volleyball Games in 2 Days. How Many Can They Win? | Clintus.tv

(energetic music) (indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] Nice. Go get it.
Go get it. Oh, got it. (crowd cheers and applause) – [Woman] Out!
– [Clintus] Good job, good job. Oh, good save, good save. Nice! Nice. Nice. Up, up, up, up! Good job, nice job. Ooh, push! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Come on, Sierra. Get in, stay in, stay in. Ooh, that would have been out. Got saved on that one. Nice. (laughs) – [Man] Nice hit. (crowd cheers
and applause) – [Woman 2] Nice, Jayden! – [Clintus] Nice. – [Woman 3] Nice serve, Sierra. Nice, McKayleigh, nice hit! – [Clintus] Yes! Woo-hoo! 15-4, final score. (electronic beat) (indistinct chatter) Good save. Ah! Oh, nice save, nice save. Nice! Nice, Maddie! – [Woman 2] Nice serve, Maddie. – [Clintus] Woo-hoo! – [Woman 3] Good job, girls. Yes, Maddie, yes! – [Clintus] Good save,
good save. Stay focused. Oh. – [Woman 3] Yes. Nice. – [Clintus] Good save,
good save! Aw. Good pass, good pass. Nice, Sierra.
Nice, Sierra! – [Woman 4] Nice! Yes, yes! Yes, Kayleigh, yes. Nice serve, Sierra. – [Clintus] Game point. Perfect serve. Ooh, ooh, get it up.
Get it up. Yes!
– [Woman 4] Yes, Krista! – [Clintus] Good up, good up. Nice. Oh, they did it. Nice! (girls cheer)
Good job, Ariah. 25-20. (electronic beat) – [Woman 5] In, in, in, in, in. – [Clintus] Good, Jayden. There you go. Good job. One more. Perfect. Oh. Third game in the match,
tied 14-14. Next point wins. Nice. Control, control. Nice Ariah. (groans) – [Chrissy] Over! – [Clintus] Nice, Kayleigh. Tip! Come on, McKayleigh. – [Chrissy] In, in, in, in, in. – [Clintus] Oh! That was a hell of a game.
That was a hell of a game! 14-15. Ooh. There we go. Over, over! (indistinct chatter) (electro music) Ooh. Tip! Great hit. Oh, oh! Nice. – [Woman 6] Louder, Kayleigh. – [Clintus] Nice. Out! Woo! Great serve, great serve! Woo-hoo! Game point. Oh, tip, tip, tip! Alright. 25-19. There you go, Sierra. Jayden. Nice. Oh, alright. Take it. Got saved on that one. Ooh. Nice, Maddie. Good job! Ooh! – [Man 3] What a dig! – [Clintus] Over, over, over. Yeah! Yeah! – [Clintus] Ah. Well, there you go guys. Something a little different
in the volleyball footage. Thinking about doing this for
basketball and volleyball when we have a lot of
different games going on, multiple days,
that sort of thing. Is just combine it all into
one video so this video is just sports versus mixing it in
with the vlogs and whatnot. Let me know in your comments
down below what your thoughts are on this. The girls ended up
three out of five games. I was not present for one of the
games so you guys didn’t get to see that game at all
but they did win that game. And they got sixth
place out of 24 teams. So that is the results of
this tournament, this weekend. We have another volleyball
tournament coming up this weekend and a basketball
tournament as well so you’ll get both a volleyball
video and a basketball video, separately, so
look forward to that. As always, thank
you for watching. We’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

David Frank