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7 Best Golfer’s Elbow Pain Relief Treatments (Medial Epicondylitis) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my top seven treatments for golfers elbow.
so let’s get started. so golfer’s elbow, or medial
epicondylitis. is when those wrist flexors get irritated. and when I say
wrist flexors and point up here. that’s because those muscles down at the wrist
come all the way up and attach on that inside elbow there, so when it when you
do a lot of stuff and overwork those muscles, it can get irritated right here.
so the first treatment is just going to be getting those muscles warmed up
getting them moving, some active range of motion to kind of get them warmed up
before you start doing some stretches. so a simple way to do that is just kind of
put your arm out. you can either bend your elbow if it’s
really irritated, or put your arms straight out which is going to get a
little bit more stretch in the movement. so make a fist, and then just at your
wrist, go up kind of stretch that area and then come down. so since this is
active range of motion that’s not quite a full stretch yet, do either continuous
or just a little pause maybe three seconds at each side. so this isn’t quite
going into a full stretch yet this is just getting some motion in there in
there to get those muscles warmed up and loosened up before you go into some
stretching, so I would just start off with maybe five each way, ten total,
just to kind of get again those muscles ready to go. so after you kind of feel it
a little warm in there, you’re getting them loosened up, you’re going to go into
a stretch to stretch out those wrist flexors underneath. so to start off, put
your arms straight out. so this time you want your elbow locked out to get the
stretch. we’re going to go into a progression, so if you’re really sore,
start off with a fist and just bring it up this way. so you’re gonna feel a
little stretch underneath there if you want a little bit more, take your other
hand and just kind of pull on it so this is going to be a full stretch, so you
want to hold that stretch for thirty seconds. if you get to the thirty Seconds
and you don’t feel like that’s really stretching it a whole lot,
since those wrist flexors are all the way into the fingers, open up your hand
with your finger straight out and then go into that stretch and you should feel
that one a lot more. so again holding that for 30 seconds and doing that 3
times. so if you are a little uncomfortable using your other hand to
push that way, you can go up to a wall or if you’re at your desk or something and
you’ve got something flat, you can just push your hand into it and get that
stretch as well, so again 30 seconds 3 times. another great treatment is using
an elbow support or a brace and so Simien has this great elbow support for
golfers elbow, and so you can see here on the inside where the blue is there’s
just this pressure point where it’s a little bit firmer, this is where you want
to put right on the muscle belly. so a great rule of thumb of putting on the
strap is actually using your thumb, so the muscles here when you press on it is
about where you want that blue spot to be. so a good rule of thumb is take your
thumb right where your crease is and put it there, and then you want to start the
brace right after your thumb, so that spot gets right on that muscle belly
where it’s irritated, and what this does is it puts pressure on that muscle belly
to take the pressure off of that medial epicondyle right there, so it just makes
it so it’s not pulling on it constantly and helps get rid of some of that
irritation. what’s also cool about this brace is they have a long strap and they
have a short strap or small and a large, so it also comes with two which is
really nice as well, so if you got it on both sides you can use that. I am
probably a small that’s what works best for me, and it also comes with a cool
little sweat wristband which is very nice, so what you want to do is just kind
of put it nice and loose to get it on first, and then bring it around so again
here’s my crease I want to kind of put my thumb there and know that’s about
where I’m gonna put the brace. so bringing it up nice, thumb in between,
and so that blue spot underneath is going to get right on that muscle belly.
you want it to be tight but comfortable, so this is a really nice comfortable
strap and in it and it’s very comfortable there but you want to make
sure it’s not too tight. you don’t want those fingers going cold or numb, but you
want to have some nice pressure on there. but you can see it’s not right at my
elbows so I can still move I’ve got freedom there it’s not preventing me
from having that movement, but that’s about where you want you don’t want it
right at the elbow, you want it just below on that muscle belly to get that
pressure on there and take the pressure off of that epicondyle there, so this is
a really great support and something extra to use just to help that healing
process. so if you’re interested in purchasing it, make sure you click up
there. so the next thing we’re gonna go into some actual strengthening stuff, so
after you’ve stretched it out after you’ve gotten everything loose enough
you want to do some strengthening. when you start off with this strengthening,
you don’t want to go a whole lot of weight because again this is already a
little bit irritated, might be a lot irritated, so if you do a lot of weight
is just gonna irritate it more. I like soup cans or vegetable cans because
they’re only about a pound, and they fit it really nicely in your hand, so you can
have some good support while you’re holding it. you don’t have to squeeze on
really tight, you can just kind of hold it in your hand. if you have a tabletop
that you want to just place your elbow on that works well, just have your wrist
so it has movement, but if you feel comfortable you can just kind of hold it
in the air. this time you want to keep your elbow bent, just to take some
pressure off the area. so with your palm down, you want to just at your wrist. go
down and then nice and slow coming up. so just starting off with about ten of
these, you want to do a nice slow controlled motion going from each end as
far as you can. this is going to make sure that you get that full motion so
you’re not sitting here going back and forth you’re going all the way up and
all the way down, nice and controlled going down that’s working that. after you
do ten that way, turn it over with your palm up and then go down getting that stretch there, and then coming up, strengthening that inside
there. so again as far as you comfortably can without a whole lot of pain, it might
be a little bit of pain just because it’s irritated and you’re working in, but
you don’t want any sharp pain in there. just that kind of soreness pain is okay.
so again I would just start off with ten of those maybe two sets of ten, don’t go
overboard because it might not hurt while you’re doing it, but it might hurt
later, so just give yourself a day, see how it feels. if it feels good, and you
don’t have any soreness, then you can go up to three sets of ten, two sets of
fifteen, if you get to 20 – 25, and it’s super easy, then you can get a heavier
weight to do that. number five is going to be also a simian product which is
their armbar. this is really really great for the shoulder the elbow and the wrist,
just kind of the arm in general, and what I really like about their armbar product
is it comes with inserts, so you can start off with the lightest and then as
it becomes easy, you can put the extra poundage in there and it makes it harder
as you go, and it gives you more resistance. so it’s kind of an all in one
piece, so it’s nice because then you don’t have to keep getting more and more
arm bars, you’d have it all right there, so make sure that you start off with the
lightest one because this is going to be eccentric motions, and its really works
the muscles even more than the concentric, and what eccentric is it’s
the controlling going back down. so it’s it’s really more stressful on the
muscles, so you don’t want to do a whole lot. sometimes the protocols say three
times fifteen, I would start off with just five at a time, so maybe three sets
of five and see how you feel the next day because you can always go up easily,
but if you start off with too much, then it’s really hard to come back down
because you’re already irritated and then you’re gonna have a hard time doing
it. so this is kind of an interesting movement, so I’m just going to go through
it step by step, and then I’ll do the movement fluidly so you can see it. so
what you want to do if you’re working your left hand, bring it up like
this and put your wrist into flexion. so you’re coming in like this almost like
you’re making a muscle, but you’re doing it in
front of you. so holding on to the bar coming in to wrist flexion, so while
you’re holding it here, your right side should feel pretty good so you can you
can move it freely because the point of this is to get the bar twisted. so you
have a lot of resistance on the other side, so the higher up you can grab it
higher up you can bring your elbow, and grab underneath the more you’re going to
be able twist it, so you’re going to come up high like this, and twist it into
extension. so you’ve got flexion here wrist extension here, so again here come
up twist it and as you come down straighten out your hand. and then as
you’re holding it with that left side slowly come back into wrist extension on
that side. so you’re going from flexion to extension and you should really be
able to feel it here. so again don’t do a whole lot the first time, but up here
bring the other hand with your palm facing out, curl it in hold, and then go
in like that, so just really getting that motion through there. so number six with
the arm bar is going to be some stability of the elbow. so this movement
I really like because what it does is it makes your muscles activate and prevent
your arm and elbow from moving around a lot, and this is a great way to
strengthen that area the whole arm in general, so the shoulder the wrist and
the elbow, and a lot of times you have problems at the elbow you’re gonna have
a little bit of problems at the joint above and the joint below because they’re
compensating, so with this one you want to keep your elbow bent and the most of
the movement is gonna be at your wrist. so you’re not moving your whole arm when
you’re doing this, you’re really moving at your wrist and trying to keep the
whole arm stabilized. so as I started doing this, look here you you’ll be able
to see my muscles start contracting. so what I’m gonna do is just kind of take
that so the top part is moving, my wrist is moving a little bit, but my arm is
staying in one spot, and so it’s really just making all those muscles kind of
contract and making them work, but not making them do big movements that might
irritate even more. so I really like using those. You can go this way, you can then hold it up top and go back and forth this way, which is going
to get that pronation supination which is also important to help strengthen
that area. so again trying to keep that elbow still and just wiggling back and
forth. so it’s a really great way just to kind of get all that movement in there
make that those muscles really work and stabilize everything but not getting
those big movements as so might irritate the area. so this is also really nice
because you can see it’s got some edges on it so you can also kind of do some
massaging and stuff as well. if you’re interested in purchasing the armbar
make sure you click up here. so for the last one is going to be a soft tissue
massage or mobilization kind of thing. so some people call it massage, you’re
really mobilizing the tissue and so what you want to do is try and break up some
of those adhesions or scar tissue in there. when you have a lot of
inflammation that builds up those adhesions scar tissue, and it just causes
a lot of problems if it stays in there, so what you’re trying to do is actually
move or mobilize the area. so it’s not rubbing just kind of massaging the area,
you can do that, but for this purpose you’re really trying to move that whole
area along that inner elbow or that medial epicondyle to get that
scar tissue broken up. so you can go side to side, up and down that area, you can do
circles in that area, but see how I’m actually moving the skin? I’m not just
rubbing it moving it around, and you can go up and down as well. if you want to
you can use a lotion or a cream with it, just make sure then it so you don’t have
as much friction so make sure you’re still moving the tissue that you’re not
just massaging the area, and again massaging it is fine, but for this
purpose you really want to mobilize that area which is which is nice. and if it
starts getting a little bit red that’s okay that’s just getting blood to the
area there and that helps increase the circulation and move
inflamation out, so that’s kind of what you’re trying to do. so there you have it
those are my top seven treatments for golfer’s elbow. If have any questions leave
in the comments section, if you’re interested in purchasing any of those
products, make sure you click up here, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking
down here. and remember, be safe ,have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

David Frank



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  67. Lisa Sewell Posted on July 15, 2019 at 1:04 am

    Agreed with others — best video and most comprehensive exercises. I've been battling this 10 months now, doing all the prescribed exercises but this is by far the best video explanation and demonstration I've seen

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  69. DoneWrongType Posted on August 2, 2019 at 3:38 am

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  70. Lakx Posted on August 6, 2019 at 3:56 am

    Can a golfers/tennis elbow suddenly appear ? I game alot and from one day to another i had an intense pain in my wrist/elbow whenever i use the mouse. Its been like this for 3 days now and no signs of improvement, its getting worse even it seems. I tried the exercises but it doesent relieve the pain unfortunately

  71. daddio307 Posted on August 13, 2019 at 3:03 am

    I would like to thank you for your video. Everyone else spent 10 – 15 minutes explaining what the problem was, but you hit it and dived right in in just a few minutes. Thank you. Great suggestions.

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  75. paul vangroll Posted on September 11, 2019 at 2:43 am

    Hey Doc! i feel i have golfers elbow, but it seems it is sore slightly higher than your video, my elbow bone fells like i have a match to it when touching and when i ice it turns painful,a sharp mainly it from the knobby elbow bone and an inch up, been doing your excercises and hoping it gets better soon, thanks….

  76. JottyEpic Posted on September 14, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    I don’t know if I have golfers elbow or something else. I was at the gym and now my lower bicep and elbow hurts. It’s hard to straighten my arm without a lot of pain.

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