April 5, 2020
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9 How to Catch a Lacrosse Ball: Catch Like an Egg

Watch an advanced player catch. He moves his stick back to catch the ball gently. This is called “catching like an egg.” It’s the easiest way to catch, and it protects your stick. When you catch like an egg, you’re immediately ready to pass or to shoot with good form. Catching is easy if you know what to do, but beginners naturally make it harder. If your pocket looks like this, then you’re not going to be able to do anything. Use the “Elbow Rule” to find
the right hand-spacing to throw. Then pull the stick down to catch. If you’re a beginner, pull it all the way down. When you change your hand spacing, you don’t want to move your top hand. You want to move your bottom hand. Face the target, and put the stick in “The Box,” where you want the pass. Your head is open to the direction of the ball, and your stick is vertical or tilted a little bit back. Don’t tilt it forward. Lift your bottom hand when you catch and then push it back to throw. Your top hand is just a pivot. Catch the ball gently with “soft hands.” If this happens, then your pocket doesn’t work. Catch the ball in the top half of the head where it’s wide. Beginners naturally try to catch like this. Yeah, no. If your stick is facing up, the only thing you’re going to catch is rain. Lots of intermediate players snatch at the ball. This is harder because you have to time it just right. It moves your stick away from
being able to throw or shoot, and it leaves you open to being checked. If you tilt the stick forward, then you can only catch with the bottom of the pocket, where the head is narrow. This player has great form. Catching like an egg is super simple. He lifts his bottom hand and catches the ball gently. He’s immediately ready to pass and shoot. Catching like an egg also makes it easier to catch bad passes. Teach yourself good form and get a pocket that works.

David Frank