March 30, 2020
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A Complete Lifestyle Change | Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery | Mosaic Life Care

Running was always one of the things I enjoyed. I could go do it by myself and get away from everybody and just think. When you’re in the military, you’re required to keep in good physical condition and when you’re in the fire department, it’s a couple of notches above what they require, and in order for me to keep in that condition I found that running was one of the things that helped me keep my weight off. And I joined some groups that liked to run, and the next thing you know, I was running races in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri. I had two young kids when I got out, and I started contracting and it was work – daylight to dark and – I forgot all about that part of my life that running, playing racquetball – doing all those things I did to keep myself in shape. So, as time went on, I did not exercise enough. I had put on and taken off, put on and taken off weight. You finally get to that point where you say, “you can’t do this by yourself.” As time went on, I got a hernia. And I went and seen Dr. Ghanem, and he said he could fix the hernia but I had to do something about my weight. He set up a time for me to go to a seminar, which I did, and Barbara and I went and we decided at the seminar that the gastric sleeve was the thing for me, and so, we set up an appointment with Dr. Ghanem, went in there and talked to him, and he went over all the ins and outs of it. Looking at this, it wasn’t just a surgery that I had. It wasn’t just this plan that we had for me to lose weight. It was a complete lifestyle change. You have to buy into the program, you exercise every day. They tell you to get 30 minutes – I do three miles plus every day – that’s where I started out walking, and now I run some and walk some. There’s so many things I’m able to do now that I wasn’t able to do before. I bought a kayak and now me and my son can get in that kayak. We couldn’t do that before. I bought a bike that I couldn’t ride before that I ride now. I feel like I can do anything. My body tells me different sometimes, but I feel like I’m 25 again. It changed everything for Barbara, changed everything for me, it changed everything for the kids. I’m gonna tell ya – they’re proud of what I’ve done too. They tell me that all the time, and that makes me feel pretty good.

David Frank