March 28, 2020
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Achilles Tendon Release: Smash and Twist Technique

hey Nick Ortego here I’m going to
show you how to use balls these balls either a racquetball or a yoga to nut
ball these yoga teen involves work really well but racquetball will do in a
pinch if you don’t have the proper ball available the racquetball is good Joe
Miller yoga tune-up calm is where you can get these balls but anyway I’m going
to use these balls to mobilize the ankle it’s a lot of times the skin and fascial
tissue around the Achilles tendon is real tight real tight it’s almost like
it’s glued like the skin is glued to the tendon layers and layers of tissue that
if we free up that tissue movement will occur easier it will get more
dorsiflexion will get the toes to be able to come back more at the ankle so
we want to do is just find tender spots if you find any tender spots press into
them with the ball and then twist the ball so we’re moving the skin removing
the skin while the tissue underneath remains intact just find any and all
spots you get the inside I have something right here getting close to
and get around these malleolus maleo lie the medial malleolus right here then
boom just five minutes any spots if you find places that are tender more tender
replaces tends to mean that it needs a little more attention you can also get
the outside edge with the racquetball press it right on the tendon as well
close to the heel or the yoga to Nepal yoga Tina ball
really works better but the racquetball works as well give that a shot great
thing to do I did it with a client this morning it’s just measure range of
motion before doing this measure it after put your toes up against the wall
and see if your knee can touch if you’re a little short then try this out you’ll
probably notice if you test after there’s a little increase in the range
of motion give it a shot let me know how it goes can leave a comment below or you
can if you want to get more access to stuff content that’s not available in a
blog not available on the regular YouTube channel and click the link
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David Frank