April 6, 2020
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AG Becerra, Sausalito Marin City School Dist. Officials Announce Settlement Addressing Segregation

okay let’s go ahead and begin I want to
thank everyone for being with us here this morning I especially want to thank
the people who are standing with me at this podium two of whom will have an
opportunity to say some words and so I’d like to begin by introducing them with
us today is the president of the board of trustees for the South Salido Marin
City School District Miss Ida green and with us as well who will speak is your
new superintendent for the district schools here in the area otoko garcia
and both of them will have remarks after i conclude and i’m thankful that they
are here and i’m thankful that they made it possible for us to be here along with
their the rest of the board of trustees for the school district probably the
best way to start by the way let me also acknowledge the work of the team at the
california department of justice without the work that they did the investigation
that was conducted the conversation that was had with the school district we
wouldn’t be here and so I’d like to make sure that I acknowledge gig Lindsay more
than anyone else because Garret was the person principally in charge of this
matter Michael Newman who is in charge of our Civil Rights Division is with us
as well and it’s been the work of his team that’s made it possible for us to
do this up and down the state of California but quite honestly Garrett
gets the spotlight today for the work that he was able to achieve every child
no matter their stripe or stature deserves equal access
quality education we believe that we say it and it’s what’s required by the law
but what we say isn’t always what we do and certainly it’s not what the
Sausalito Lansing school district did when it chose to segregate its students
depriving the child of a fair chance to learn is wicked it’s warped it’s morally
bankrupt and it’s corrupt skin color or zip code should not determine winners
and losers in America we finally acknowledged that as a nation some 65
years ago in 1954 the Supreme Court in the decision Brown the Board of
Education willed that resh racial segregation in public schools was
unconstitutional but more importantly they said separate is not equal but ten
years after that decision the California Department of Education found that the
schools in this school district were still segregated in response this school
district piano operate an integrated system for its kids sending them within
the same grade than those from UNC and Sausalito to the same schools in the
same location that was nineteen sixty four decades later an investigation done
by the California Department of Justice led by our mayor of children’s justice
found that in 2013 the school district intentionally established a racially
segregated elementary middle school Bayside Martin Luther King Academy to
serve a predominantly minority in unincorporated Marin City students in
nearby Sausalito on the other hand will attend the publicly funded k12 Docs qzk
through eight charter school Royal Creek Academy in coming to this decision the
district disregarded input from minority members of the community discouraging
community involvement in the schools the district promised that this new system
would be cost saving and that face savings would be passed along and yes to
invest in Bayside MLK school and to start a gifted learners program but
shortly after establishing the segregated base I MLK the district cut
crucial math science and eat English educational programming at the school
that that was required in order for the school to establish this promised
international baccalaureate program real quick Academy on the other hand was
guaranteed stable funding by the school board the cuts to funding for Bayside
MLK resulted in a school that was not only segregated by offering an inferior
educational program in addition partially due to lack of access to full
time counseling at Bayside MLK african-american students and district
funded programs lost sixty six times as many days of instruction to suspensions
comparison to right students in the district that’s six to six times
disability that’s the largest disparity among white students in African art
anima African American students for public school districts in the entire
state of California these decisions by the Board of Trustees violated both the
equal protection guarantee of a California Constitution and the Equal
Protection Clause of the US Constitution the salsa NATO Marines see school
district schools were separate and they were not equal it’s time to make grade
on the district’s unfulfilled promise to so many of its students today we’ll take
a significant step to address segregation at Bayside MLK and I want to
thank superintendent Garcia and board president green for helping make today’s
announcement possible we are announcing a settlement with the Sausalito Lawrence
County School District to address the racial and ethnic segregation impacting
its students this marks the first time in five decades that the state of
California has taken comprehensive action to require a district to
desegregate this agreement will resolve a comprehensive investigation conducted
by our office and it will establish concrete steps so that social a Des
Moines City School District D segregates Bayside Martin Luther King jr. Academy in the settlement Thessaly the Marin
City School District agrees to develop a comprehensive plan with community
members and third-party experts to attract a diverse pool of students to
Bayside MLK while addressing the needs of its current students it will appoint
a third party monitor to oversee the implementation and progress of the
Comprehensive Plan and compliance with the settlement it will create a
counseling program to offer college and career guidance to students who attend
and have attended Bayside MLK between 2013 and 2019 they were established a
scholarship a scholarship program to provide funds to affected students to
pay for two years of college or trade school and it will form a base a
gracious advisory group to advise the school district on issues relating to
racial segregation recognizing that the causes and effects of school segregation
extend beyond the classroom I thank today’s fussily marine school
district leaders its trustees superintendent his faculty its staff for
them to move forward toward equal access to a quality education for all of its
students sixty-five years is a long time to wait it’s a long time and it means a
lot of living and a lot of learning not reaching its potential
finally this announcement should be a call to action to all school districts
in our state of California to follow through on very responsibilities under
the law because without equal access to education there cannot be equal
opportunity for success it is up to all of us to protect California’s children
and its communities from injustice and when we worked
whether we can get it done let me now ask Board of Trustee president Ida green
to say some remarks good morning today I stand before you in this pivotal moment
to acknowledge the south leader Melinda City School District past failures which
led to the state of California Attorney General Office are forming that Bayside
Martin Luther King jr. Academy is a racially segregated school for more than
70 years the stigma associated with the Marin City community has been one of
failure whether it’s been failure relative to housing education economic
disparity or acceptance enabling communities it’s been an ongoing battle
this is not the platform to discuss how we as a people simultaneously change the
course of all the justices but we can begin to move forward with the
foundational edik of a public school system to provide an excellent and
excellent education within its system in the generations of people who have come
before before me entrusting the stewardship of the most
vulnerable among us our children and the tradition of greening of the Masai tribe
we must ask and Hannah the children it should not take the highest policing
agency in California to ensure that we are taking care
of the children today settlement with AGL mound and a bizarre district to move
forward with full transparency lifting that perceived very secrecy as an
elected official I ask all constituents in this district education change desegregation it’s the right time to
make a difference Thank You superintendent Garcia good morning it’s
a great honor and very humbling experience to stand before you today in
a community that contributed a tremendous amount to my own personal
growth as a child and as an adolescent I played on these ball fields it’s a
school with many kids that are still friends of mine today who have children
in our system and it is incredibly impactful to be part of a solution and a
process to help us move forward today a historic turning point a
historic turning point that will allow us to move forward together in a unified
way as a community to create a different outcome a better outcome a better future
for all of our students and all of our families it is with great anticipation
and reverence that we have reached a settlement with the state attorney
general Xavier Becerra to address the people’s complaint against the Sausalito
Marin City School District this settlement represents a turning point
and clear plan to support our healing from a collective community trauma that
has its roots in systems and structures that are decades
centuries in Sausalito city in our County in our state and in
our country we are at a critical juncture locally and nationally and are
excited to move forward in both spirit and action with the highest dedication
to the ideas of equity diversity inclusion justice and truth we invite
all members of our community here in southern Marin and countywide to
participate in a process that unifies us behind a common vision and takes
substantial action to manifest educational
and social opportunities and outcomes for all of our students and Families the
gravity and seriousness of the settlement agreement allows us to answer
the call and mandate to deliver an excellent education for all of our
students and we are excited to partner with the Marin County Office of
Education and all of our community partners and all of our local
governments and all of the different educational institutions that support
students and families here in Marin City to realize the vast potential of all of
our students and families and particularly our black and brown
students and Families lady Jo famoso para host asociado para directions
Romano’s Hamas Sarah Ben Seaver thank you all very much all done with the
background of the people were doing this for chiming in so it’s only appropriate
that we have these kids enjoying life not even worrying about what we’re doing
and that’s the way it should be we’ll take any questions you might have and of
course we’ll take if there are questions we’ll take any questions on this subject
before we take questions on any other subject let me just do some real quick
words in Spanish so the superintendent does you show me up
let me just quickly say in Spanish a couple words es un buen dia porque
mientras escucha MOS nos gritos de Alegria de los ninos atrás de nosotros
los adultos tambien creo que estan aqui Alencon Alegria de empezar una nueva
datapack e para las escuelas de maurienne serie is a salir o donde los
ninos que pueden pasar e greet re y tener Alegria no se tiene que prabhu par
en f uo s Alegria vos tender al salon des ananza dónde van a poder aprender
yah bands are porque es a new era el caso antes en estas escuelas porque
Avion personas que intentional meant a separable algunos menos de otros le
dhaba mejor enseñanza a us Nino sino otros esto termina ya know vamos a
distinct ear poor color poor ingresso poor sitio de vivienda en ver SI lo grad
mucho con sus estudio tsukino yo haba en el futuro es menos que en este momento
Hagan van a poder decir que ellos estuvieron aqui cuando está en SI
anuncio de Stojko se hizo am que no no los Abhiyan el lo que cuenta el acuerdo
de Gamow soy entre me so Hasina’s y el distrito escolar de san sudhir immensely
es uno que hace ger RK ya Nova verse a KRAS segregation de las de los
estudiantes por causa de su raza yet Nyssa dad su u ingreso euro moses a todo
lo posible para trabajar con el distrito para asegurar que cualquier Nino que
tiene que assistir las escuelas de de steel-toe para tener acceso a calidad
de educación y por ESO slow mo sake parados okay question

David Frank