April 4, 2020
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hello YouTube DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective back again here
with another video today we’re going to talk about the sentence upcoming
sentence and the conviction of amber Geiger of murder in the trial of Jean
Botham amber Geiger today found guilty of murder
I believe second-degree I’m not 100% sure I hadn’t had a chance to look at
all the footage today I’m just going based on what I saw and it looks like we
are going to have a sentencing she is looking at life in prison
some say it’s a just sentence some say it isn’t today we’re going to talk about
it we’re going to get to it right now welcome folks my name is Judy Ron I’m a
retired New York City police detective of 20 plus years law enforcement
experience I have watched this trial from beginning I missed the guilty
verdict live this morning I was out with my stepmom for lunch so I missed it but
I did get a message from Katrina contrast thank you for doing that
thank you for sending me a message I greatly appreciate you thank you to all
of my patreon people and everyone coming into this live premiere we have a scent
we have a verdict we have a guilty verdict and a sentence that’s going to
be forthcoming in a very short period of time and I feel strongly about our
justice system justice was served here whether it’s right wrong or indifferent
I feel that the charges of manslaughter or murder would have been appropriate
here she did get up on the stand and give some testimony we’re gonna watch
some of that I feel that she pretty much sunk her own ship in regards to her
justification it didn’t seem genuine there was a lot of things that she said
and did during trial and her testimony that I think gave this jury no other
choice than to find her guilty of murder when she was asked by the prosecution if
she intended to shoot and kill Jeanne Botham she said yes I intended to kill
him if she would have said I was in fear of my life and I shot my weapon too
stop the threat that was in front of me there may have been a different set of
circumstances may or may not but that’s not what she said she said what she said
and she now pays the price for her crime she’s now a murder convicted of murder
she’s going to get sentence and it doesn’t look like she will see the light
of day for a very very long time unfortunately you know our justice
system isn’t perfect there will be a time and place down the road where a
parole will be offered to her and most of the people who are afforded parole
not all some bad guys that have a long criminal record get out on parole but a
lot of people who have no criminal record and have one one arrests are more
of a candidate for parole but you know given the the the case and the
circumstances I don’t know whether she will get it she probably will be denied
parole but we’re talking about 25 years in the future or more so again you know
I think justice was served today I feel that the family my heart breaks for his
mom and his sister and all the people in his extended family at the church are
all you know today we they get they get justice served but there’s no winners
here they still are now without their son their brothers their cousin the
churches without their church leader I know he was active in his community in
the church there’s a lot of people who are affected by this it doesn’t bring
him back but it does serve as justice so we’re thankful that our criminal justice
system I feel the judge did a great job the prosecution saw a weak defendant
that they could swoop down on and you know it’s like a prizefighter when they
have someone up on the ropes she was up on the ropes and the prosecutor went in
there and one-two punched her with the tough questions she gave her answers
which really spelled out murder if you say that you intentionally shot
to kill somebody then you know your your basically outlining murder so at the end
of it all I I don’t feel bad for her and I feel bad for the family you know I
feel bad for the victims that have to now live the rest of their lives without
their loved one and I think that she you know like said like she said in some of
her testimony she hopes that God gives her forgiveness and we hope for all of
us for all the sins that we may or may not have committed during the course of
our lives that we you know that God is good to us at the end but with her you
know she’s got a long time to think about this now she’s gonna be in jail
and she’s gonna have to do what she has to do to survive
so let’s look at a couple of I wanna I want to show you guys quickly I want to
show you some of her some of her testimony when cross-examined so I’m
gonna show you a little bit quickly stand by guys of course this always
happens to me all right there we go all right I got it so we’re gonna show you a
little bit of her her testifying and some of the things that she said you
guys could see for yourself and these are the things that I feel strongly
about that really didn’t help her case so let’s let’s take a peek at that and
let’s see what what she said here thank you to everyone for joining thank you
for anyone who’s given super chat during the course of this broadcast thank you
thank you here we go with I’ll start right here
she says she killed blossom Jean because she was scared let’s listen to this guys fire fire I’m guessing the jury didn’t buy this
those tears this is what everyone’s speaking about I’m skipping forward let me know down in in the comments
section what you felt and what you thought about this testimony that she
gave the crying testimony whether you felt it was genuine or not I didn’t feel
it was didn’t come across that way to me she seems she seems more scared and
nervous than remorseful that’s the best way I could put it she seems like she’s
scared like I fucked up and I’m scared eat myself a bricks people live with
this every single brick single day dessert cans to be with my family okay
that’s enough of that you know like I said I don’t you know
the jury didn’t buy that and I don’t think you know or did the people so again she looks scared here more than
remorseful for sorrowful did happen that way I’m going to yes sir and one engine stick I think this is the part where the judge
actually took a recess look like the judge was upset herself this is her defense lawyer no she she calls a recess it looks like
the judges upset here did anybody pick up on that see right there it looks like
she was starting to get emotional and you know that’s something that’s
supposed to do the this got the better of her here I guess we’re all just human
right yeah yeah you could see so she takes a recess and then the third
one I want you to see is when she comes back I think I think this is the one
where he asks her if he/she intended to kill him and she says yes if it goes
tick I’ll take one video just to play some of these snippets instead of me
talking over it hopefully there’s not an echo but I’m listening it to it – I did yes sir yes sir yes sir you said I put the key in and I hear
moving around as the door began to open anyways we all know that what you said I
don’t think that that was it I was trying to find right so essentially what
I what I have to say is that I respect the just criminal justice system I
respect the process I feel that they tried to reach for the castle doctrine
stand your ground law you know I I just I just feel strongly about you know this
sentence and I I stand by what you know what what has happened here today you
know I don’t think that yeah this is this is one we have a verdict in the
amber Geiger case there in Texas hearing that a jury after almost two days has
come back with a guilty verdict the officer of course this is a an officer
who is off duty at the time who managed to walk into a neighbor’s home and shoot
him dead and a jury coming back with a guilty verdict there’s amber Geiger
there in the courtroom is that verdicts being read NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez has been
covering this trial from the very beginning he’s standing by outside the
courthouse Gabe what more do we know at this point
hi there Craig well that verdict was read just a few seconds ago in fact and
there was a step out first in the presumably from the family from that
jury of guilty on murder in the distance here just down the hallway and here
applause as the victim’s family is leaving right now
so Craig this has been an extremely dramatic trial that is unfolded of the
jury just yesterday after about six hours or so consider also the weeks
after okay ladies and gentlemen you hear that ninety nine years in prison I’m not
sure where that comes from but I feel that the murder is 25 to life conviction
so we’ll hear the sentencing in the in the very near future in the 99 years I’m
not sure if that applies but 25 to life means that you know after 25 years
you’ll be eligible for parole or sometime thereafter so it’s a guaranteed
25 and I think many more years will soon see when the sentencing is handed down
and it will read more about it going forward but you know I feel justice was
served here today um you know there’s no winners and people talk about this all
the time there’s no winners you know here is your victim you know this guy as
a native of st. Lucia lived directly above her they both didn’t know each
other and now you have this guy Botham jean who is is six feet under he’s dead
there’s his mom and you know more I’m gonna spare us the
rest of this I’m just gonna click on back so again guys you know as a retired
police officer you know I feel that if you do if you’ve done wrong and you’re
found guilty by a jury of your peers then that is it is what it is right so
she’s going to jail and you know we’ll have closure for the family I want to
say again thank you to everyone joining in on this premiere I want to say a
special thank you to Matt black Irish Maddie boy from New York hear his
father’s a retired New York City police captain II he is passed away after his
service his dad is no longer with us but he is a
strong supporter of the police department his father was a great great
courageous man who served many years in the police department he’s a big friend
a fan and a big friend of mine this guy is tremendous black Irish is a screen
name I call a Manny boy he sent me this to my
house yesterday this is a wooden carved plaque he didn’t make it himself but he
had it made for me so I want you guys to see this I want to get it in in the film
this is wood with the blue detective shield this is my shield number four 503
I want to say thank you to you Mattie for this beautiful gift
this is honor for me to have this coming from a YouTube friend a duty Ron family
member black Irish Matty boy thank you so much for this beautiful plaque I have
it I have it mounted on I’ll take a picture of it and send it to you but my
wife mounted it on on our home on a wall inside our house in the living room so
this will be proudly displayed the detail is unbelievable I mean if I put
it up close you could see the detail is just tremendous this is a detective
shield replica made out of wood and it’s the thick heavy piece of wood
so thank you to you for this I really really appreciate that means a
lot to me and thank you too Meg Lowe from Southern
Cal nth to my P o box and it was a ton of cards and a ton of nice letters that
was sent to my P o box it’s to 193 New Hyde Park New York one one zero four
zero that’s my P box tons of letters and mail
thank you so much for that greatly appreciate you guys for the
encouragement I thank all my moderators and all the people come into these lives
again there’s no winners here in this trial amber Geiger is now a convicted
felon she murdered Botham Jean and she is now convicted of it do I feel that
she intentionally went they had a murderer my opinion everybody wants to
know it is no but I don’t feel that she should have got off scot-free I wasn’t
looking for her to get a lighter sentence because I just because I I’m a
cop a retired cop I just felt it that she didn’t intentionally kill him but
she said it herself so she intentionally intended to kill him with a firearm on
her own statement so once she’s made that statement to the district attorney
she was done and I knew that but she made that statement before after I made
my last video so I didn’t talk about it I didn’t talk about it on my last video
I’m bringing the mic up because I’m just I just want to make sure you guys can
hear me I respect the the system I respect the process she was found guilty
by a jury of her peers the jury of her peers and there will be an appeal
process everybody is entitled to it it’s part of the law she’ll go through an
appeal process through her attorney and and that well you know that’s not gonna
get her anywhere so she’s done for again thank you does everyone was giving super
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watching the videos and it’s showing me that you’re interested in what I’m
putting out let me know if you like what I’m doing let me know if you don’t like
what I’m doing you know I am open to constructive criticism every day of the
week you know all day every day so that’s the story here from New York City
that is the story from Dallas there’ll be no rioting in Dallas there
is a just verdict for the family for the community for everybody involved and
like I said there’s no winners here the family is without their loved one Amber
Geiger is now a convicted felon who will be going to jail and the police
department has a lot of learning to do from this I I want to just touch on this
real quick I feel that our officers need to be trained and retrained I said in my
previous video I would not want to work with somebody that’s unsure of
themselves and amber Geiger appeared to be unsure of her official her official
duties she didn’t seem sure in the use of deadly physical force she wasn’t sure
of her tactics and if you have a male or a female police officer out there and
they’re unsure of their tactics that’s a deadly situation not only for us as
civilians but for the police officers themselves the responding police
officers the backup police officers if you have somebody that doesn’t know what
they’re supposed to do in certain situations then we have a problem and I
think our police force needs to retrain and have refreshers a refresher course
in deadly physical force if need be I know I’ve well was well versed on it I
wanted to know my legal rights and what police procedure was and I paid close
attention in the Academy and I I did my updates with my law I went into the law
library and I was updated on the do’s and don’ts cuz every year there’s laws
that change but that’s on up to the individual officer department should
require every officer to attend not just because of this incident because of it
just makes things better if your your cops know what they can and can’t do or
what to do in certain situations and if they’re not sure of them their
supervisors needs to pull them off patrol and get them the training so I
wanted to say that because I think it’s important you know I said it in my last
video that I wouldn’t want to work with amber Geiger I’ll give you an example of
a police officer not knowing what to do this goes back to the early 90s when I
was a housing police officer on patrol in the projects and housing projects in
Brooklyn East New York I was teamed up my partner had a court
tour on the midnight shift with a female officer just just story just happens to
be with a female officer this has happened with other male officers as
well but thankfully it wasn’t a lot of times that this happened we got a call
for three perpetrators shooting semi-automatic weapons in a courtyard we
go to this job lights and sirens but when we get a block away we’re trained
to cut the sirens off so you don’t let them know that you’re there so I cut the
sirens off I was driving she was my partner we sneak up on these guys in the
middle of a courtyard at a housing project we turn our radios down quiet we
come up we hear the gunfire I put over a call for backup and we see them we’re at
a handball court it’s like a handball court a big concrete wall and they’re on
the other side of the wall so I sneak around the wall with my gun drew and we
had six shot wheel guns revolvers back then in the 90s there was no semi autos
it was 38 sneaked around the wall and point out my gun and I say police don’t
move drop the weapons two of them take off and the one heavyset guy like me
knew he couldn’t run away he dropped the gun and put his hands up I went over I
hosted my weapon I went over kicked the semi-auto it was a tec-9 tec-9 machine
pistol I kicked the gun away i handcuffed him and i looked up and my
partner was gone she ran back to the car because she was scared I never worked
with her again did I blackballed her and did I tell
everybody in the precinct what she did you bet your ass I did I’ll never forget
that night because I was there alone with this guy he was in handcuffs but
what if he fought me what if his buddies came back two police officers from the
7/7 precinct I was in the housing division they weren’t even part of my
precinct they came and backed me up on that call she was at the car waiting for
me and I’ll never forget that because if my life was taken from me that night
my partner wouldn’t have been there with me and that’s pretty fucked up and she
was scared she got scared and ran back she didn’t get on the radio and call for
help I did it so I handled that whole job by
myself because I didn’t know that she took off I was focusing on the threat
when I saw that guy dropped that gun as I went towards him
I didn’t holster my weapon right away but he could have made a decision to go
and grab it again and start firing at me a lot of things could have happened I
thank God that nothing none of those woulda shoulda coulda
things happen but there’s an example of a police officer
whether it was female or male didn’t need to be on the job I could tell you
other stories of male officers when gun fire starts going off they’re cowered
down and hiding behind a car while other officers are running into towards the
gunfire and there was a few of those too so it exists everywhere
it’s the onus is on the police department and agency to weed those cops
out get them retrain or if they’re not cut out to do the job don’t give him the
gun and badge don’t let them go out there you’re you’re coward if you’re not
well versed on procedure it’s a danger not just to the police officers but to
the civilians to people the innocent people that could be victim you’re
always gonna have crossfire you’re always gonna have what you know if
someone’s in Times Square in New York City where the ball drops in there they
have a gun in their hand and they’re firing it or they’re trying to hurt
other people police are going to respond then other people perhaps could get hurt
it’s a very crowded metropolitan so I need it I needed to say that I wanted to
say that and I implore for change for the better we need to learn from these
mistakes we need to learn from these incidents and I apply a better mousetrap
a better way to do these situations that what a better way for the cops to know
what to do for our police this sign also was given
to me and made for me by Matty boy Sully black Irish that you police sign from
Mattie boy thank you thank you Matty and this alright guys much love and
respect from duty Ron I took up enough of your time hit the subscribe button
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media at duty Ron love and respect from my house to yours god bless everyone and
goodnight thank you thank you thank you for thanking a police officer thank you
for thanking a military they lay their lives on the line for us every day and
there are bad situations that do happen god bless everybody

David Frank