April 5, 2020
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I feel like I’ve never been friend zoned because
I already can tell, I have that feeling when someone don’t like me in that way. But like some people just don’t get it. This whole situation was about my friend
who I’ve been friends with since I was young and it’s like this is like fancying your sister,
like this is weird. What have we actually gotta do to show you that we’re just friends? ‘Cause I’m ready
to punch you in the face. Marshmello remixed “Alarm” in 2016, which
was my first ever single. He just made it sound sick! Like I remember I listened to it and just
like ahh! And I always thought it’d be sick to work
with him. I didn’t think it was ever gonna happen really,
cause I thought we’re always busy. He’s in America, I’m in England. I don’t know I never really like to force
anything. Like I don’t wanna just be like, “Yeah let’s
get in the studio because you’re Marshmello and I’m-” You know what I mean? It just happened naturally,
which is bangin’. We’ve known each other since we were young. Like I just thought when you know people for
that long, you’re just friends, right? Surely, like when you- it feels like you’re
brother and sister, that’s what I think it feels like. And obviously he had a different angle on
things. It was a sad thing for me, but when it gets
to the point of like what the fuck else am I supposed to do? Get a fat banner on an airplane and fly across
some- you know where people normally propose? We’re just friends. It’s not even like a specific look, it’s just
like, just a second too long. I can look in your eyes like … Just a bit
too long, that’s starting to get awkward isn’t it? Ain’t it … a little bit awkward? I’m all one for like trying again and again
at something, but there’s a limit. It depends how obvious the other person is
being. ‘Cause I was really obvious. You gotta try all different things, you know,
you start by trying to be polite like, “oh no, no, no, it’s fine like we’re just- it’s
cool, um, you know like you’re like my brother,” And then it’s like, “stop calling me, stop
texting me.” And then it’s like, “leave me the fuck alone.” And then it’s like, write a song about it. The thing is I didn’t really notice it. I didn’t notice he was starting to change
his feelings. So, I was like still hanging around him loads. And like cause we were like brother and sister,
I thought. It was hard at the start because it was like,
I don’t wanna- I don’t know if you are feeling like that, or if you’re even realizing that
you’re treating me differently to how we’ve always treated each other. So, at the start it was difficult for me. I don’t feel I said it for a while, which
maybe lead him on a little bit. At that point I was still living with my mom
and dad. He’s not coming to my door he’s coming to
my mom and dad’s door, and that’s even worse. They were asleep, it was late, it’s two in
the morning. I didn’t wanna answer the door cause I was
like who the fuck is this at my door at two in the morning? And so I’m just like texting saying is that
you? Cause I thought, who could this be? And he was like can you answer? Yeah. I was like no go home. Go home. When you break up with someone, or someone’s
broke your heart and you’re sad, you actually don’t really start really feeling better until
you find someone else? That’s mad, but it’s true. So, maybe they just need- he just- maybe just
find someone else.

David Frank