April 5, 2020
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Antomi Ramos Beach Tennis player – Shark Sport interview about Beach Tennis – 2nd part

The best Beach Tennis player of Spain with best ITF ranking as well. Very good Antomi. Welcome. Thank you. Antomi Ramos started to play Beach Tennis with? Nino Mireles Nino Mireles, and how old were you then? I’ve started with Nino when I was 13-14 years old. 14, 13 years, and now you have? 22 years Than, he plays Beach Tennis about 8, 9 years And I know that firstly he is very good talent and as well you did a hard work to get there. Now, he has his racket, very beautiful, new model and I like so much how his career develops. Is it difficult to be 8th in the World in Beach Tennis? Yes, it’s difficult… because… you have to have good sponsors that will support your trips. Also you have to have good partner in order to win tournaments and of course you have to train a lot and to be consistent. I am originally Serbian, and if we would like to build Beach Tennis in Serbia… what do we need to do? To start going to the beach and train and make plan for physical training, technical-tactical exercises. Training for development Beach Tennis technique is very important, And to train serious. For that you need the program to follow. Antomi What are your goals in Beach Tennis? Right now, my goals are to train every day develop my game as much as possible to play important tournaments and to enter in TOP 5 players of the World right now I am in TOP 10, and step by step I strive to TOP 5. and of course I would like to be number 1 in the World in Beach Tennis. but it’s not easy I wish that Antomi developes his skills and enter in TOP 5. and once in life to go to Serbia and teach Beach Tennis over there. We used to train a bit together and we played together and against each other as well. I’m sure that Antomi goes in good direction. I’m so glad. Thank you.

David Frank