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Anya Pandita of Georgia Tech’s  Woman’s Club Lacrosse – On the Flats (2019)

♪ [music] ♪ Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja:
Welcome to another edition ofOn the Flats. I’m your host,
Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja. And today our guest is from
the Georgia Tech woman’s club lacrosse team, Anya Pandita. Anya Pandita:
I’m from Marietta, Georgia. I went to Lassiter High School, and I’m an industrial
engineering student. So I started playing lacrosse
in second grade. And like one of our neighbors
had started and kind of got my brother into it.
and my mom was like oh, like, “She’ll do anything
her brother does. Let’s just put her in it, too.” So I started that and it’s kind
of been like the only sport I stuck with throughout. I started out as a midfielder. I took like, the draw growing up
in high school, but I honestly just like, I hit
my growth spurt early. Like, as soon as I hit high
school it just like, wasn’t feasible anymore,
and so I switched to middi. And then for this team like, for
half the season I kind of played middi and then now I focus
more just on attack shooting. OK. So OK, obviously like,
I love to shoot. Like, Im an attacker. It’s my favorite thing,
but like, the one thing that I really like
about being an attacker, too, that I think like, some people
might find unusual is like you have like, a lot of
influence like on the transition if you try the hardest like,
you’re coming down, the middis are really tired
from playing defense, and like, you can do the most
if you make the most of your opportunity. And so like, my favorite thing,
I definitely think about it, is like, being able to get
the ball in the transition, just like running down the field
like you’re going like, everyone the team is really
hyped up like, your team collectively is like
going to score and like, there are girls all around you
and just like feeling the wind blowing through your hair. It’s just a really nice feeling. This is our second time
making SWLL, I think overall, but our first
time for like every girl on the team to actually make
this whole tournament. So we’re really excited
about it. So outside of lacrosse, I’m
in a sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I’m kind of involved in like,
circle of sisterhood which is like that Panhellenic
philanthropy. And then also I’m just in SGA. So I’m on like, the Leadership
Development Committee. We do like little things
around campus, but with like, my activities,
lacrosse and school like, honestly, I think the things
that I’ve chosen to do like, I really like specified just
the things that I like, so they end up just
being kind of like, a good balance for me like,
I get to practice and I can kind of just like,
take a deep breath and like, let go of my stress and just
like, hang out and play with like, a bunch of other girls that
are also just as stressed but like, just as happy
to be there. So it ends up just like,
working itself out. I’m a freshman so I wasn’t here
last year when Leanne won the SWLL coach of the year,
but you can definitely see like, I have no doubt in my mind like,
if she won that last year like, she must be even better
this year, because like,
she should win 10 of them. She just brings so much
positivity to our team. Like, last weekend when we
played Clemson she wasn’t there. Like, everyone on our teamI
know like when I was walking on the field, I was like, I feel
like part of me is like, missing like, she hypes us up
so much and just makes us all so excited. The thing about our team is
like, I don’t even think you have
to do anything to make it fun. Like, we’re just a really fun
group of girls. Like, even when were working
hard, were like, encouraging each other so like,
it’s fun in the sense like, you know you’re getting better
and like, you know, that like, your effort
and your hard work is going somewhere like,
positive and beneficial to the group as a whole. But like, even outside of that
like we hang out outside we have like, team bondings,
mixers with other teams, and like, just a really unique
blend of girls that all just come together
and are like so accepting of each other to where
it’s just really nice. Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja: You can
look forward to seeing the women’s club lacrosse team
again next spring. I’m Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja
and this isOn the Flats.♪ [music] ♪

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