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Backhand Topspin Against Backspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we’re going to discuss the backhand topspin against backspin. So firstly it’s critical to set your feet
up in the right position. Make sure that your feet are nice and wide apart, in a good balanced
position, bend your knees so that you’re getting down nice and low. Then let’s think about
the direction that our feet are facing. Making sure that we face completely towards where
you want the ball to go. So if I want the ball to go there, that’s the way that my feet
are facing and my body is facing. If I want to play the ball down the line and
I need to turn myself more so that I’m facing down the line. The next thing we need to consider is the
start position of your bat. We need to start our bat nice and low at about knee high. Why
do we need to start it low? So that we can get under the contact point and lift up for
the contact. This start position is really crucial, make sure you’re getting it down
nice and low, at least as low as your knee level. The we need to consider the contact point.
So when we actually contact the bat on the ball it needs to be a brushing action. So
that brushing action is what’s going to give you the topspin and it’s going to help you
to lift that backspin up over the net. So really critical that the contact is a fine
brushing contact. If you contact the ball flat the backspin is going to drag the ball
straight down into the table. So we need to get that brushing contact to lift the ball
with topspin. The last thing we then need to consider is
our finish position. So after we’ve made the contact let your bat flow all the way through
and make sure it finishes nice and high, above head height. The other important thing is
to make sure that the bat is going past your elbow. So let the bat swing past your elbow.
Don’t stop it here because then you’re not getting the full motion of your forearm and
your wrist. So make sure that the finish position is all the way through with a nice extension,
nice and high, and past your elbow. The other important thing is to make sure
that there’s plenty of racket head speed when you make the contact and follow through. If
you bring your bat through really slowly you’re not going to have enough speed to lift that
backspin over the net. So we need a nice fluid, fast swing, and to do that your shoulder,
your elbow, and your wrist need to be nice and relaxed so that you can swing all the
way through. So let’s have a look at Jeff’s bat now. He’s
been doing the backhand topspin and you can see where the ball marks are on his racket.
So the ball marks are in this channel here. So not quite in the centre but more towards
the end of the racket because that is where the bat is moving faster when he’s doing the
backhand topspin swing so that is roughly where you want to be aiming to hit the ball
on your racket for the backhand topspin. If there’s only a little bit of backspin on
the ball your swing can start to be a little more horizontal so you can start to go more
from back to forward. Still starting below the contact point and finishing above the
contact point but it doesn’t need to be as vertical. So now if there’s heavy backspin
on the ball, that’s when you need to start lower and finish higher, so the stroke becomes
more vertical. So the heavier the backspin the more vertical your stroke can be to lift
the ball up over the net.

David Frank



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