September 23, 2019
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Balić and Marić about France | Euro 2016 | Poland

It˙s a derby that lasts for… 15 years Always dificult to play, tough handball… Very even matches, there were no surprises France had a bit more of an advantage in last few years I believe that we have a real shot for a victory And in fact, if we want to go to the semifinals, we need this victiry Of course, France is always uncomfortable. great players… But it happend a lot of times for the outsider to beat the favourite That´s a normal thing in every sport, not just handball We must wait for our shot in the match play cool and not to be hot-headed for that 60 minutes period Maybe to turn things around in the last fifteen minutes Like Poland played against the French Maybe it will be a good match, but it is also possible that it will be a bad match We will fight,we wont let them win easily We are all positive in a way We all carry a victory inside of us, I just hope that we wont break under pressure The match can turn out great but it can also be dissapointing We just need to wait for our opportunity, it is that kind of the match

David Frank