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Basic Serve in Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Jeff Plumb
and I are going to show you how to do the very basic serve. If you have never played
Table Tennis before and you are wondering how do you serve, let me show you some basics.
The first thing is that when you serve in Table Tennis you have to hit the ball so it
bounces on your side of the table and the other persons side. You can’t just hit the ball straight over
to the other side of the table you have to hit it down into your side first. That is
the only time in the game where you do hit the ball onto your own side. You might be finding the basic serve fairly
complicated to start with if you are here’s a really simple tip. Start with your bat and
ball really close together and then all you need to do is to do the hit. So you are doing
the hit and the ball will bounce on your side of the table and then your partner’s side
of the table. So it is hit, bounce, bounce. Really important to just keep practicing this
to start off with just the hit, bounce, bounce. Once you are feeling fairly comfortable with that
you can move on to the next level of serving. So the next level of serving is to make sure
that the ball is behind the end line of the table when you are throwing it up and hitting
it. So you are not allowed to hit the ball from over here for the serve, it has to be
behind the end line. So let’s have a look at that. So now we are going to do the hit,
bounce, bounce from behind the end line. Let’s progress a little bit further. The next
thing we are going to do is to get this serve legally correct. You need to have the ball
on the flat palm of your hand. It has to be on the palm, it’s not allowed to be on your
fingers or thumb and your hand has to fairly flat. You can get away with having your hand
a little bit cupped like that but it needs to be basically flat with the ball on the
palm of your hand. The next thing is that you need to throw the
ball up at least the height of the net off your hand. So around that high off your hand
before you hit it on to your side. This is what a serve looks like. The ball on the flat hand, throw it up and then we do our hit bounce bounce. Now that you have got our basics right you
are holding the ball correctly behind the line now we are going to try and make the
ball travel a little bit faster and to a better position. To get the ball faster
we need to get the ball lower over the net. We also need to make sure that we are hitting
the ball forward. If you hit the ball on it’s head the ball is going to bounce high. You
want to hit the ball on it’s back to get the ball moving faster. When you hit the ball, the ball also needs
to be fairly low. If you throw the ball up and try to hit the ball from here it has to
bounce high over the net. So make sure after you throw the ball up the ball
comes down back to your bat level and your bat moves forward. A common error I see
is that when people throw the ball up they also lift their bat up and so then they are
going to hit the ball from too high. When you throw the ball up keep your bat steady
and then it just comes forward to get a nice low fast serve. I hope now you have got the basics of the
serve. Make sure that you progress to a level where you are able to hold the ball
on the plan of your hand and you throwing the ball up to the correct height from behind
the end line of the table and getting that serve nice and low. If you have found this lesson useful and have
learnt how to serve correctly go to PingSkills.com and learn a whole lot more about Table Tennis.

David Frank



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  25. Wasek Salam Posted on June 30, 2016 at 10:48 am

    i used to make the mistake of pulling the bat up while throwing the ball up during serve…now i dont..thanks to this video..every video teaches me sth…thnks a lot….we dont have the privilege of getting trained under a professional player or coach…so ur videos r a great treasure…

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