April 6, 2020
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Baylor tennis player represents Honduras at University Games

Jimmy Bendeck from Baylor men’s tennis is another athlete who competed in the University Games this past summer His favorite memory from the entire event is from the opening ceremonies, but it’s not
what you would think When we first got out of a bus there was a bunch of fans
waiting and cheering for us and they all had like these Corgi dogs and they’re
all cheering with the Corgi dogs and they’re all holding them There was like 200 Corgi dogs and it was just I don’t know I was just like what’s going on, but I
loved it because I love dogs Jimmy was the only athlete representing Honduras in tennis, but the other Honduran athletes had his back the entire time They were really welcoming and really supportive They came and watched my
match and they made a big difference cheering and getting me through some big moments in my match His first match was against a seated player from Sri Lanka
and he pulled through despite the heat One of the difficult things about Taipei
was I was extremely hot so it was difficult, the conditions were difficult His next match was against a player from Taipei He clearly was ready and
accustomed to the environment and he had a lot of people supporting him during
the match they were there amazing they supported me too which was really rare
and awesome but you know he was ready to play more than I was Even though he lost the match in the third round, he was grateful for all the
support he had You know I’m playing for something greater than myself and thesupport from Honduras and the support from Baylor really like it’s not it’s notcomparable to when you’re just playing individual tennis reporting for Lariat TV News I’m Meredith Aldis

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