April 3, 2020
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BBC Sport Manchester City 6 3 Arsenal

well I i’ve got to ask you how many
goals are enough goals well I i’ve got to ask you how many
goals are enough goals when I talk about the game out on me
week here I guess but I mean is I do you have any guilt conscience
speaking to the concert because will was titled remark or that we could have
scored 24 going on at the week what did I wouldn’t I we
coulda today was caught six goal against the best team of total Premier League
because be up to the top of on the table the best defense of the
Premier League also because if not just call you doing Corsair I think I can see the 11 goals on there
was Corsicana I think that we missed at least four or
five key articles more thinking about your forward play it’s
hard for us to see how can it get any better is it as good
as it can get I think you’re was coming to an end no sir but of course I i think is very
important for the strikers I wait or sick on a deal the way the
team play we are always playing and trying to to
score was playing with a lot of of offer operating a you not talkin which I
to be also it balanced team that’s why today I I was not so please sir not that
we got seats for you three goals a.m. I don’t think that are so hot so
many times court critical but they did it so we must
worried about a about by detecting the order the mall
that he must working at I can defending and that’s
what we try to do everywhere EE every much even Valentino schools two
goals today has he been threatening to score a goal
for a while I think are the age and update on the door of pin on your pic tables Patrick make any mistake a incredible there not
only did they do it addicted to cause he has called it the
way he be he made to be not working and how many balls there he recover the pace
he keeps to to his to display sorry I I was very
depressed because I know however baby P’s can you tell us the
news on Sergio Aguero that was a downside to today’s injury my I’m not sure for the moment I
think that has an injury he say his cult receive how many weeks here he must be: am their who he will be in June bada I cannot come on now at the moment and
just finally you hit the league leaders for six what does that tell the rest of the
Premier League Meyer we here Houston three points behind the
man behind us in our society has added to the whole of the table they are such as said 546 more teams
doubt that they want also to win the Premier League and AP very well football favorite on a so hard on Chelsea don’t not to harm on I’m maybe I forget when one of them
but but I think either these would be continuity dano we must
try to to win more hot boys that they have the
teens but too long there for the moment

David Frank