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Beautiful Boys Play Volleyball [English CC]

beautiful boys…Hooray! I wanna make a announcement shit hey sister, you dress like a weird oldman Perfect Team little star,arrange a training for ours team show me what you all really got okay what are you doing? you dont need that XXXX yes sir! shit,its damn hurt I gonna quit this shit flirtatious , ‘crazy’ charming they are the team from Chiangmai you are cute how about me? just forget it you need wear your glasses on cant you see im the most beautiful around here just cant take my eye off you you are grown ass man how dare you joined the team like that sending them to the competition ashamed of our school people says we are freak and we sure gonna lose the game disgusting the crowds are so thrill! are you deaf? ah dang! why you want to mess up with those freak? I know we are all face the difficulties but i have faith in you all have the courage to break through principal,we wont quiting the game we gonna show the crowds how greatl we are sister, music! here comes the music stop fighting coach! what happen? you kicked the face of the coach beautiful boy plays volleyball
massive roars

David Frank



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    Is there an enhlish sub for this