March 28, 2020
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Beaver Local volleyball player back to school full-time after suffering stroke

Four months ago we introduced you to Lauren Thomas of Beaver Local High School — who had a stroke last summer duirng a volleyball camp. Lauren is out of the hospital, and back to school full-time. Tonight 27 First News Reporter Brittany Bissell talked with Lauren, and her family. She joins us live in studio.. with how Lauren continues to beat the odds. On November 16th.. Lauren got to walk out of Akron Children’s Hospital for good. Although things are not completely back to normal… Lauren continues to overcome all the things – she was told – she couldn’t do. [B8]20190304 LAUREN UPDATE NT-PK Everything she does is a MIRACLE. That’s how Lauren Thomas’ family describes her progress. HUCK HUGHES/LAUREN’S UNCLE: WE’VE BEEN TOLD IF SOMEBODY SEEN HER SCANS.. THEN SHE SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TALK, SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO WALK. It’s been less than a year since Lauren suffered a stoke at volleyball camp. This is her today…with a big smile on her face…practicing writing… 18:20:25 And.. speaking. MARLA HUGHES/LAUREN’S AUNT: WHEN YOU CONSIDER.. TWO THIRDS OF THE LEFT SIDE OF HER BRAIN IS DAMAGED, AND THAT’S HER SPEECH SIDE.. I THINK SHE’S DOING PRETTY AMAZING. It’s been a long journey… but Lauren and her family find encouragement in the little things. HUCK: IT’S THE ONE DAY SHE MOVES HER FINGERS A QUARTER OF AN INCH. MARLA: THAT WAS A LITTLE MORE THAN SHE DID THE DAY BEFORE. HUCK. YEAH. Towards the end of November.. Lauren started back to school full-time. MARLA: I THINK THE FIRST DAY SHE DID A HALF DAY… AND THEN THE SECOND DAY.. SHE WAS LIKE, I’M STAYING ALL DAY. She tells me she loves math.. this is a picture of one of her tests, 100 percent. I asked her how it feels to be back with her friends. LAUREN THOMAS/BEAVER LOCAL STUDENT: I LOVE IT.. IT’S BEEN SO GOOD. I LOVE IT. Shortly after.. Lauren went to homecoming.. I’m told she even hit the dance floor. LAUREN: IT WAS REALLY FUN. WE WENT OUT TO DINNER AND STUFF. I LOVED IT. The road ahead is uncertain, but day- by-day Lauren beats the odds — all the while — keeping a positive attitude. MARLA: THE ONE DAY I WAS HELPING HER PUT HER SHOES ON AND I SAID WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU? IT’S NOT FAIR.. AND SHE SAID.. IT’S OK. SHE’S JUST ALWAYS POSITIVE, HAPPY. HOW IS LAUREN DOING?

David Frank