April 5, 2020
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Bellarmine Lacrosse Coach Jim Mitchell

I’m the new head men’s lacrosse coach here
at Bellarmine. I’ve been here before – I was an assistant
coach from Fall 2011 to 2014. There’s a lot that can be done here in terms
of building the program to new levels and just being — contributing more to the campus
community as a whole and Louisville as a whole. Bellarmine and Louisville are both outstanding
places and sometimes we refer to them both as hidden gems. You get to meet and see a lot of the people
and make up the fabric of this university, make up the fabric every day; and I think
that’s different from maybe the bigger schools where things are a little spread out and less
personal, where here you really meet the people who make the place special. Louisville is a vibrant, young, thriving city. It’s a great college town, but also just a
thriving, vibrant community. It’s really about spreading the word — letting
people know what we’re about here, how much we are going to accomplish when we have the
right people. We’re going to play an exciting style of lacrosse;
up tempo, energetic and aggressive. We’re going to take a lot of pride in how
we prepare and how hard we work; and we’re going to certainly be able to see that play
out on game day. We just want to be active, in and out. We don’t want to just be on the lacrosse field
and in the classroom, we want to be a visible presence and a positive force amongst the
community. We want everyone to be proud of this program,
proud of wearing Bellarmine on their jerseys, on their t-shirts, and when they graduate
they’ll know they made an incredible difference in not only their lives but of those around
them in the community, at Bellarmine and Louisville as a whole. A lot of times, when kids get to college,
it’s an interesting time in their life; it’s a sensitive, emotional time. So we really try to get guys to embrace
the weaknesses that they might have and really attack them head on every single day, and
welcome that — welcome those challenges because it’s only four years, which goes by pretty
quickly and if you spend half of that kind of hiding from the things that are difficult,
that’s when you end up having regrets at the end. We just want to have, we really want to provide
a tremendous experience for all of the guys. And when they leave, they really look back
on it with a lot of pride in what they were able to accomplish.

David Frank



  1. Kristin Arnt Posted on June 18, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    Congrats on to moving to D1, Knights!