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BOUNCING EVERYTHING!!!  | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 7

*Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode PS4 Xbox 1 PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming* that’s up yes will spread the offense
around do you see that you see what happened there hello and welcome back to Jess guy game
we’re back playing spike ball a ball in the career mode thanks again to
everybody for the support for this series in this channel it means a lot
your comments and likes and all the positive feedback please keep it coming
I love that I really appreciate that anyways we’re here in the career mode
we’re headed to the finals of a tournament really looking forward to
play in that game but first I I recruited a few players I’ve got this
Taric onus and Agustin Vidal libero and hitter and they both have strong points
one in reception and one at hitting but the problem is is that they’re not as
good overall and skill wise as my starting players but they’ve got the
strong points so I think I’m gonna turn them into consultants which is gonna
help me recruit better I think we’re gonna see how that works so let’s just
try it out and see they hit her I’m definitely turning into a consultant cuz
he’s not as good so we’ll go define as a consultant in attack yep obviously
cannot be undone yeah you know what like he’s not as good as the other guys so
we’ll turn this guy so we got a consultant okay great
so I think we’ll do it for this libero as well cuz he’s not as good he’s a good
receiver but well he’s not even that much better than the other guy so I
think we’ll just take the consultant apologies if you guys think this is dumb
but we’ll just we’ll just do that so we’ll check out our staff we got the
consultants oh I see so consultants can be added to
scouting they make sure their talent in the relevant statistic is passed on to
the new player so does that mean I get more consultants who have these skip
these good points and that the the person I get back is gonna have skills
in attack and reception great two skills to get by the way so that’s great so
there’s a current event for libero he doesn’t need an attack so but it
definitely needs reception so where is it it’s European so we don’t really have
an agent that’s good with that we just maybe he’ll send the best guy
Alexis vassal Asst we got him new I don’t really know when I accumulate
these new agents as well they just kind of appear so you gotta check
periodically so I got this guy so I think I think maybe we’ll send him cuz
he’s 93 percent luck that’s pretty good and I think we’ll send Tara who Ness for
reception on that libero to make sure that he has reception I don’t want to
send the attack guy because I don’t need my libero to have good attack so we’ll
send those two guys I guess I could send another consultant just to get a hundred
percent luck and you know what why not let’s do that because we got three ages
we’ll send I think we’ll send Mia for a hundred percent lakh it’s the only one
we got right now and then we still got Allen or Debbie and the other consultant
in case another event comes up this is only one match anyway so I should have
this after the next match so that’s definitely the way to go so we will so
that’s 200 credits I don’t even know how these V credits work I just accumulate
them after games Oh consultant cent will never be available again that’s an
interesting point but they make sure that they send on their ability to the
next guy yeah absolutely like why wouldn’t you do that every time because
then you’re getting back into the player if he’s not as good you make him a
consultant again yeah obviously okay so we’re here in the finals of this
this world league tournament I guess and we’re playing China they were in our
pool and we lost to them I’m pretty sure but we ended up winning the pool because
they lost to somebody else and we won the tie somehow not really sure how that
worked but great news well Redemption opportunity they beat us last time this
would be a Redemption game though let’s go
China in the final let’s do it here we go China said it was starting at 1:00 so
that means I gotta serve over this way at that guy try to take him out and
stack up on the left side on focused he’s not really that out middle successful wha let’s go on that shit you
know buddy it’s a great start you always always want to take on a passer so you
can narrow it down to two attackers didn’t take a guy out there that’s dumb
over there go yep on it set this guy how’s he feeling pretty good yes ah it’s
a balance what I’m asking myself how he’s feeling I’ve just seen how his
approach is because I’ve noticed that if they get a good approach they’re able to
balance it down and they have a bad approach they’re probably gonna make a
mistake or something so I got to pay attention to that so make sure it’s that
guy yes cuz he’s out well stack over there hi shit go go go go shit I pressed
B he wasn’t gonna get it anyway dang it alright pass up we’re gonna fight with
China yep nice we’ll set the outside guy he’s feeling it gosh what a dig get out
come on successful wha it’s so height for the successful block don’t tip on me
no frickin smack that shit back in your face huh whoo all right down the line
everybody’s rotation is the same so like the serving state yes God let’s go
you yes I’m coming at you again like you
know I’m doing the exact same serve bit clicky on this stage though which is
okay snack up this way everybody over there
you know what’s going there yeah there’s a dig how’s this guy looking not a good
approach a deep let’s go block out yeah I don’t know what happened there
all right here we go spin that you have to click just that clicking on this
stage cuz it’s got a lot of texture I guess I don’t know there’s a dig set
this guy how’s this approach not great so you daddy what jazz it just totally
screwed it up I’ll take that don’t show me that it that’s not the key moment in
the rally down the line at this guy looking for the ACE at that deep corner
buddy yes come on China suck it I mean I’m not the
country I mean just this team sorry your free time here we go
hit that serve again this guy hates it stack the back oh yeah
set this guy he’s gonna death line nice hit by that guy whoa great set Wow see that set guys contacting it up high
if the ability to balance and I don’t he’s you get a guy with a good jump yeah
I think we’ll run middle bounce that buddy
yes come on gonna spread the offense around hey where’s the front row guy
where’s the setter right now is he in five yeah so that means I got to go over
there with that guy take that guy out of it yeah he’s out of it stack back almost
buddy I love the move though to take out the
passer stack two guys up on the one side and then the other guy block middle cuz
you’d only need the one on one in the middle or at least well there I guess I
maybe I need it more but yeah nice well set back and he’s gonna hit it bounce it
come on let’s go get fired up learning how to play this game centers in four so
you know I’m gonna serve it down the line lots of trouble we got to go
somewhere else I don’t know where see ball good dig set the guy who just dug
it he’s not in control at all tip it I got to work in some tips that like
there’s definitely some nuance to that great day give this guy a good set yes
soft it get out there triple block oh what a dig hit that line that’s core
Josh wait don’t just hit it low into the block each team only has one perfect
reception let’s go boys let’s pass that are still in for let’s take a step
up though estatic serve short what you guys
saw where I aim that right like short and when I look back like I get if I hit
it into the net because I am short and I hit it too hard
I like out the back really yeah set the left side guy the diving buff set I
don’t know why is yeah that’s nice like it seems the best place to hit it in
this game is low into the middle of the court and the best most accurate serve
is ripping the jump serve yep there’s a dig how’s this guy looking not prepared
that’s not who I sent I set X but they set the pipe guy huh yep nice run that
middle guy pounded to the middle yes love the sound of it hitting the floor
like so satisfying where’s the center centers in to put some trouble in the
middle watch it go out what happened what the hell happened
wait they’re not gonna replay that guy’s I passed that it went over and I guess I
could still play it but the weird weird weird weird I’ll take it though why am I
thinking about the float like just rip the spin definitely the best serve baby
yes on dude nice at that spinner again the same spot every time
take that guy out so what are they set who was hitting that get back and get an
approach guy no approach triple block 10 is a little boy to the blogger’s how
that bounce around there and get the point
alright set number two I think I’m gonna change up my tactics I do like that back
set but I think I’ll have I do like I’ll have to change up the tactics that do
like the one bringing the guy inside so we can bounce it sharp anyway your
starting setter in 1 again so are we so I’ll serve their net flipper ace yes
come on let’s go do that again that’s a perfect serve yes right through his legs
nutmeg baby watch this you tried to pass it guy goes through and got shook right
through the legs let’s try that again another perfect serve he’s out for sure
oh good dig at that what happened whoa I thought the ball disappeared but
it went off his knee and into the sky it’s kind of fun like I mean that would
happen but never that high like boom I got shit slammed though I should be more
upset but I’m not that was hilarious yep great pass yeah we’ll set back on that
now that sharp buddy yes there’s no block on that though like he
they slammed him to play before that no block all right get that corner with
that spinner obviously just right in the corner nice feels so good to hit that
age you just see him give up on it completely that might be out lucky come
on leading in every major category well you know what’s coming buddy oh I
didn’t press anything yeah yep you know they say never miss your serve after a
timeout I totally did there that’s up yes will spread the offense around do you see that you see what happened
there the play I have is the middle going back but the middle goes out that
way and now they’re both getting jammed up
there I tried out the guide bounce and he hits it straight down on his own side
and then it’s up in the floor I mean some of the bugs are funny that bug is
just like what come on here we go pass up another good pass where is the middle
going nice nice okay all right here we go
centers in five so I’ll serve that guy over there oh I totally that up wait
that looked it no I was up alright that’s up shoot yep
great pass see now the middle guy goes back really
buddy go dig by that guy I had no option to do anything on that
gosh yes middle panels love that coming right
back need it that things are getting glitchy they always seem to glitch out
towards the end of a match I find ya sweat on the line love that this is such
a bad angle to show aces by the way like you can’t see anything get that again buddy yep okay yes
successful block god I’m learning this game although I can’t say that I really
did I mean I pressed the block button but I can’t say that like I meant to do
that I’ll take it though another solid serve
off his head great play good dig this outside guys feeling it he’s ready for
the approach yes I wonder if like you where you’re aiming and then you change
it if it takes a difference because I was aiming angled there and I swung it
back down the scene for bounds all right here we go yeah
good job love that get that again I’m gonna hit that all day to stop me every
single time baby yes that is an exploit and I’m gonna keep doing that game if
you’re gonna glitch out I’m gonna abuse it oh good pass by that guy didn’t block
this guy’s feeling it good dig by that guy no one’s there nice
yes come on here we go rip that spinner down the line again a third time yes oh gosh
Oh Oh see I didn’t serve it as well at that time out-of-bounds brutal on game
point to miss serve after a timeout and on game point what am I thinking
NASA nice pass set the guy back OC ball I forgot it was
C ball like these guys don’t hit it that hard that’s why I got to bounce it no
block a chance boys yes they done it it was tough going but they’re the
champions of the tournament the man from the Canadian team take the final with
the score of 2-0 yes two teams gave it their all and we’re neck-and-neck almost
the entire game but one team had that little something extra that made the
difference and also make them champions this evening now they’re going to lift
their rightly deserved trophy and I imagine he’ll be off for a huge party
right app has for us we’re happy to have been able to provide you all with the
commentary for this tournament and we hope you’ll be with us again soon for
more exciting competitions good night guys taking a lot with this trophy
that’s nice although that commentary though hey what you guys are looking for
new voice actors give me a call so wait our world rank goes to number one
where’s this in the tournament why I don’t understand with the top team in
the world so I’m already the world’s best team this may mean I need to up the
difficulty but I don’t know I’ll have to maybe try it out let me know what you
guys think like shouldn’t have to difficulty I won the world tournament
like it is it gonna get harder than this as we go if you guys have played the
career mode through further than this let me know like does it get harder or
do I need to actually have the difficulty if I want to really challenge
myself I know I lost a few games already but I’m the number one team in the world
how I mean that’s great but jeez alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this
episode of spike volleyball thank you so much for watching and sticking all the
way through this video I appreciate all the support you guys have shown to this
channel and series in the in the last few days weeks this game is really
exciting I’m sorry I have a lot of fun as I’m learning how to play this game
I’m looking for a way though for decrease the challenge a little bit I
like I don’t want to introduce more bugs cuz that’s really frustrating but when I
just exploit that same serve over and over again you know it doesn’t really
make a lot of sense so is that harder to pull off at the harder difficulties let
me know in the comments below if you guys have made it further than that I’d
love to hear about it and I’ll kind of see how it goes moving forward but thank
you guys again so much for watching if you haven’t already hit that subscribe
button subscribe yes guy gaming but all sorts of other volleyball video game
related content on the channel including volleyball and bound summer heat beach
volleyball some women’s volleyball championship and I hope to be pulling
out a few more of those retro games in the future and having some fun
playthroughs of those so I really appreciate the subscribe and thanks so
much for watching and stick it all the way through this video again we hope to
see you guys next time on yes guy gaming you *Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode PS4 Xbox 1 PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming*

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