April 3, 2020
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Breaking Down Passing Fundamentals | Teach your Volleyball Team Passing Basics

Hey coaches, today I’m going to break down
the fundamentals of the forearm pass. To start, players should be balanced and comfortable. The main focus here is for your players to start low and stay low as they move to the ball. They should start with their hands in front
of their body, but not together yet. You want them to be able to run to the ball
if necessary or bring their hands up to take the ball with their hands. Just before contact, you want your player
to stop moving. This reduces mistakes made based on perception
errors. They should take two small steps to get set
and stabilize themselves. After they’re set, their arms come together
to create a “platform.” You’ll want your players to bring their forearms
up to create a wide, flat, and strong surface for the ball to bounce off of. Finally, as the ball is making contact with
the platform, players arms should freeze. This reduces the chance for errors due to
the ball contacting the wrong part of the arm. Slower hits may require a shoulder shrug for
power. And that’s today’s volleyball coaching tip
from Get The Pancake!

David Frank