March 28, 2020
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  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
  • 6:28 am how to increase your concentration on ball while batting | Batting Technique | Cricket |
  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket

I’m Mark Divine, a retired Navy SEAL
commander. I went into the Navy SEALs at 25 years old, graduated number one in my SEAL training class: BUD/S stands for Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL team class 170. We are trying to evolve ourselves to be
the most effective we can be in combat. In doing, so we have to do things
that look a lot like athletic performance. We have to run and shoot a weapon at a moving target, now that is about one of the most complicated things
you could possibly do. Halo Sport is a device you wear on your head. It stimulates the movement area of your brain, providing a neuroplastic effect
for a movement that you’re trying to become more effective at or an
expert at. I personally use Halo Sport for high intensity WODs (workouts of the day) which are timed where I can measure as a baseline my
time against a previous time. I found that when the movements have been
trained using Halo Sport, that has improved my efficiency. I’m able to
perform much more aggressively. I think Halo Sport will be extremely
effective in a military training setting, for all military, especially the special
operators who are very keen on advancing their skills quickly. Halo Sport would help them become more effective in how they move, which would
make them more survivable in the field and help them serve our country even more effectively.

David Frank