September 17, 2019
  • 3:51 am A DISS TRACK ON ROCKET LEAGUE (Official Video)
  • 12:52 am Erik Garcia – Reaching Your Dream Foundation
  • 10:51 pm 10 Beautiful Female Tennis Players In The World 2016
  • 10:51 pm EHF Pro Master Coach Ibérico | 13º Congresso Técnico Científico de Andebol
  • 9:50 pm Burkina Faso | Wikipedia audio article
If You See Something, Say Something™ Officials PSA

It’s my job to pay attention to the game and I take my job seriously. While I’m busy watching the game, I need your help keeping an eye on the stands. If you see something that doesn’t look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. We all play an important role in protecting our communitiesóand […]

The new rules that could potentially impact Everton & Liverpool

 Football lawmakers are today expected to agree new rules which will change the game, alterations that could have big repercussions on the Premier League  The International Football Association Board (Ifab) are eager to offer referees more power to stop attacking players from impacting on opposition free-kick walls Lucas Digne of Everton takes a free kick […]

⚽ Rainforest Rules Soccer🌳 Gringos vs Team Peru 🇵🇪  Funny Go Pro Soccer deep in the Amazon Jungle

Ya Fil! Up Front Another slide Goal! Woooo! Me and you Fil with the ninja kick No goal Next goal wins all or nothing, it’s close enough right? [birds chirping] Robbie, Robbie, GOAL!!!! [Obnoxious cheering] Gringos, Gringos, Gringos… Free beer, free beer! In Peru Gringos, gringos there, they got one in to feel good at […]

Soccer Scramble, FTW

– Welcome to “For The Win,” a little show that helps you tackle whatever life throws your way, like when juggling two soccer seasons has you feeling like a total rookie. Getting through it is gonna require some serious teamwork. Oh! And, yep, game-time fuel. Okay, let’s go. Slay those soccer stains and smells all […]

It’s Hockey, But Underwater

– My mom thought I was crazy when I told her I was into underwater hockey, and she continues to think I’m crazy when I show up with black eyes. But she’s also my biggest fan when I’m at the World Championships. (jazzy music) My name is Tyera Eulberg, and I’m the Captain of the […]

Wrist & Hand Ball Squeeze – Ask Doctor Jo

For a ball squeeze, you can use a racquetball, a tennis ball, or a sponge. Squeeze in and relax. Squeeze in and relax.

First Rib Mobilization for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna show you how to mobilize your first rib. It can cause a lot of problems like numbness in your arms or even headaches. So this is a good way to try and get some of that calmed down for you. THere’s some simples exercises, let’s get going. […]

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse defeats Wagner

Wagner college did a good job coming out and executing their game you know they wanted to slow things down we kind of played to their style of play a little bit we were kind of getting away from the stuff we know that makes us good you know playing fast playing get in early […]

Men’s Lacrosse: NCAA Quarterfinals-RIT vs York 5.16.18

>>The top two teams in Division Three Lacrosse meeting in the NCAA quarterfinals as number one RIT hosted number two, York. First quarter belonged to the Tigers, on the man up Kyle Killen scores. That’s number 77 on the year for him and RIT led 4-nothing. The Spartans had some opportunities in the opening quarter, […]

Fire officials confirm 3 killed in Atlanta plane crash