February 17, 2020
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Fish & Game officials issue warning about feeding wild animals this winter
It’s My Park: Handball at W. 4th St. Courts

Handball is a serious game in New York. Nowhere do they take it more seriously than at the West 4th Street Courts, where you can usually find some pretty intense competition. Handball is an all-American game, and I absolutely love this game. It is the most fabulous game in the world. The games are wonderful. […]

Handball Star Luc Abalo Finds Equality on the Court | Flag and Family

I’ve never asked myself that question. I was born in France, I grew up in France. It goes without saying that I’d play for France. (FLAG AND FAMILY) (LUC ABALO) (FRANCE, PARIS) I’m Luc Abalo, a player on the French national handball team. I started when I was 14 at Ivry-sur-Seine, in a club on […]


now I don’t know what you guys did during recess at school but one of my absolute favorite thing was to play with balls specifically tennis balls you see this ball isn’t just used for playing tennis nope it’s much more than that you can use it to play soccer catch piggy in the middle […]

New free-kick and handball laws set to revolutionise

 Football’s lawmakers are set to agree new rules on Saturday which could drastically alter the game  The International Football Association Board (Ifab) is planning to give referees more power to prevent attacking players from muscling in on opposition walls during free kicks  There’s also set to be further discussion on altering the handball rule in […]

The Rules of Handball (Team Handball or Olympic Handball) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the RULES of Handball Handball, otherwise known as Team Handball or Olympic Handball, is a game that’s a mixture of basketball, soccer, and ice hockey. Handball is played with two teams of 14, with 7 players taking to the court at any one time. This includes one goal keeper and 6 field players. […]

Blake Griffin Cross-Trains with Handball Legend Timbo Gonzalez | The Crossover: Part 1

(city sounds) ♪ (music) ♪I want a long and healthy career.I want to be quicker,I want to be stronger, and I want to be a leader.I know that if I’m going to take myself to where I want to goas an athlete and a person,I have to look at all my training options.The usual practice […]