December 14, 2019
  • 9:37 am Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Drill: Jackpot
  • 9:37 am NDSU Lacrosse: No Ordinary Club
  • 9:37 am SF City And BART Officials Take Steps To Help Fight IV Drug Use And Opioid Addiction
  • 9:37 am BGC Friday Night Highlights – Week 9 – Pt. 1
  • 9:37 am TVJ Midday News: Tension in Section of Mountain View Avenue – December 2 2019
Firing a 2 inch Gun at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

GAV: Hello, I’m Gav. DAN: I’m Dan. GAV: We’re the Slow Mo Guys. DAN: Gav, I was in the Army for about seven years… GAV: Yeah, you were Dan. DAN: … which means that I’ve got a lot of experience firing different types of guns…. GAV: Yeah. DAN: … and just before we did […]

Las Vegas Gun Store and Firing Range

>>BROCK: Vegas is all about trying new things and pushing your boundaries and today I’m going to do just that here at the gun store I’m going to learn how to fire a gun. Safety first, let’s go hit some targets!>>GUIDE: Today you’re going to be firing three firearms the first firearm is going to […]

Girl, 9, accidentially kills instructor in Uzi accident
Shooting the Biggest Guns Money Can Buy | The Big Sandy Shoot

[GUNFIRE] THOMAS MORTON: Hi. It’s Thomas. We’re in Arizona at the Big Sandy Shoot Off. This guy’s about to fire. [GUNFIRE] [LAUGHTER] That was fucking insane. Look out, and almost there. We are in an RV in the Sonora desert, in Arizona. We’re headed to a place called Big Sandy, which is close to the […]