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CHICKEN WING ATTACK!!!  | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 18

Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game Ps4 Xbox One PC Steam Playstation 4 Xbox 1 Volleyball Unbound yeah set the right side guy again he’s
slow though isn’t he that was in the block get it with his elbow coming
through this elbow a chicken wing attack nice Pavin welcome back – Jess guy came in
we’re back playing spiked volleyball having a interesting time playing
through this game if you haven’t seen the last episode check that out link in
the description we’re here we’re at the start of another round-robin
international tournament we’ve been doing having good results so far but I
got some new players and I still got to figure out what the heck’s going on with
him I got this number 22 guy who’s massive but it’s kind of sucked so I’m
gonna try to see if I can figure out how to get some bounces with him also if you
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that and maybe share some of these videos with your friends maybe Shadow
yes guy gaming try to help the channel grow would really really appreciate that
if not no worries don’t mean it don’t mean to interrupt don’t mean to push too
hard anyways we’re here gonna continue this to try to get more players I’m
pissed from last episode episode before that was pretty good so we’ll see how
this goes let’s get to it size matters oh we’re playing Australia
down on to my good I had y’all ought to go down on down gonna tank yeah yeah
like bout it oh we’re in an International Cup that is new that top
right thing is it up here where is it up up is it up there that’s new haven’t
seen that before alright this this is notorious for the
click on this level so I got to stay focused stay freaking focus there’s a
good serve let’s get a block good dig set the big guy for the bounce yes come
on oh my gosh did you see that that was sharp with authority though
that had some pace all right find the corner on this right side I can do it on
the left side want to see the right side yes this new decal on the International
Cup I haven’t seen that before just like the World Championships or
something yeah it’s on this side now getting new aces let’s go
now hold it how about a static how about a seeker let’s try a seeker
well the Libero came all the way over and took it where’s it going
oh nice yes what is this come on okay put the
seeker away go for the full-on rip one-armed bandit terrible pass just
leave it there’s a jig set the big goof he’ll bounce it sharp how did I get that
oh my goodness I will take it though his coach though he’s going boys we need
more net flippers that last play looked like I got absolutely shit slammed but I
got the point I will take it there’s a nice rip it’s going outside
absolutely going outside block that there’s a dig set the guy back again
bounce is sharp this way oh he hit it deep I was aiming straight down wait
there’s a dig yeah set the right side guy again he’s slow though isn’t he
I was in the block get it with his elbow through this elbow a chicken wing attack
nice all right at that corner yeah nice for
the ACE right at the center gosh she’s on it definitely going this way oh
there’s a dig set that guy come on Moreau you can help out buddy
you know you can do that ah okay change up our tactics six one that was their
first point yeah definitely setting the right side guy look for a sharp hit the
dead flipper he’s listening to coach coaches saying boys we got it the fire
in that Clippers a and it’s working well that wasn’t the new guy that was Moreau
now he’s back to serve all right hit that deep corner buddy take some risk I
don’t know why I don’t need to take that much rear end he’s on it too
don’t need to risk that block this whoa that guy bounced it it was going out
though I should leave that alright pass up seven – International decal yep let’s
try a middle bounce it over there oh it was a good hit but he dug it down on
that for sure yep it’s not the right side guy from
behind his head he can still bounce it did he did it with his elbow again absolutely hit it with his elbow again
nice buddy that’s the problem when you got a big ass character model and a guy
with a low spike touch he hits it with his elbow every time hey definitely
going back set Oh pipe go yes set number five he’s our worst attacker
come on shit I saw a guy hanging out in the back there doing nothing
so I tried to take advantage didn’t work to adult yeah back absolutely back
balance it buddy dad that’s that wasn’t set play you’ll
pound it off the tape so it bounces up catches the guy in the armpit and that
gets tooled that’s a set play like we did that on purpose it’s kind of a good
flow maybe own it flipper gotta go back for sure oh the nice pipe here over on
the sea ball with this big dude where is he going what yeah I was out Danny and it looked
in change up the tactics pass up it’s nine four really set said number five
what was I thinking net flippers all day buddy well done you
got a timeout number Five’s not that good in the front row but for some
reason in this rotation he always rips off a bunch of aces I told you I’ll see
if you can get another one I would I wouldn’t mind just closing out the game
with a series of aces from Taylor in this rotation now like it’s like it’s
almost it’s almost guaranteed at this point like I can I can just do it on
command like I just have the controls down but then I just kind of have to get
La Paz said I jinxed myself I’ll get a successful block no I won’t I’ll make a
dig set number 17 Mauro he’s gonna bounce it Josh come on it feels so good
to bounce it it feels just only slightly less good to net flip it does not feel
good at all to get these aces just to get freaky especially when the
entire team sticks and something goes yeah my bad boys
yeah your bad you all just let it fall let’s go Taylor that wasn’t aggressive
enough I might get lucky the percent on all rights at number two
against Australia how’d you like to go down on them
dammit that’s a risky serve get lucky nice let’s get a successful block on
this guy damn it you just have to get lucky on the successful block maybe I
don’t know I don’t know yeah we’ll run middle on that nobody’s
there is the token coach dive at the end will it show it now oh you stuff guy
just gives up stains at the back of the court and then does a token coach dime
nice love that Moreau it’s a wide-open line serve yet they passed that okay
block this oh I’m on that set number five what am I thinking he sucks or not
nice hit buddy all right let’s hit a short one Moreau you good to go buddy or
what like let’s go time to go Moreau there you go why is the Libero holding his hand up
like that was his fault it’s not your fault buddy the entire team’s bumper
bargain Zack and a bud I’d you like to go down under all right here we go same
thing same aggressive short serve Oh what was that and he played it let’s get
a block not like that we’re not gonna get a block set the new guy on the right
and it’s sharp buddy Oh said him again come on the guy in
Dover he couldn’t play it that the guy hitting with his elbow is bringing it
into the block it’s not good like he’s worse than the guy I had before what
seeker the short seeker net flipper watch good dig that number five why did
I do that yes what I did that because they weren’t
blocking in there no I didn’t I just panicked
all right let’s drop one short short seeker right Adam does not do anything
height I’ll take that easy set the new guy let’s try for a piece that was very clearly not my point
but yet I got the point I’m the one now serving and the new guy way worse than
my old right side I’ll keep rolling with him though cuz shit like that happens
that keeps things exciting let’s go new guy getting blocked and we somehow get
the point Ned flipper it was a net touch probably
go back yeah all over that set the new guy something exciting is gonna happen yeah he can do that
this guy is strange you must have high power think he does have a strong point
in power just drop it short right in the middle
there right short mmm that was an easy serve where’s it going good gig set the
new guy he’s done it deep maybe new guy oh that was hard but they dug it easy Oh
get out there go yeah we won’t ask questions bounce it’s sharp the new guys sucks but he’s the king of
net Lipper’s sharp serve over there the sideline Oh net flipper oh he’s all over
gosh back boys where are you going yes she screwed it up what is he doing
sharp let’s hit that middle with this float make him pass it dude you just step back there mounted it
out-of-bounds like an idiot we’re running middle know we’re sitting back
on this guy balance it as sharp as you’ve ever done it just feasts through
the net alright new guy he’s got high smash for skill I think that means spike
I don’t put if he’s also got high spike let’s see what a spin serve down this
line looks like doesn’t have eye power on the serve alright new guy new guy
Taylor the guy has been bouncing off the tape the whole time just ripped an easy
ace there see if we can do it again buddy
wide open for you got a good serve skill hmm okay get over there
Oh where’d that go Oh off the chest and out the back when have you ever seen it
go off a guy’s chest and then I would throw back rarely see ball why yeah this
guy I’m hungry for the new guy to pound a sea ball he’s attacking from such a
low point new guy really oh I wanted to leave that all right makes for this
great play that’ll drop yes come on number 5
he’s like hitting it a hundred percent he’s the shittiest player and now he’s
gonna carry out the game with a few serves down the line here cuz it’s a
frickin glitch he does it every single okay I should poke too soon back set to
this guy get up on the block there please you guys I am so hungry for a
successful block and I have none none geez yeah panic Oh nobody’s over there
oh no I had the wide open Courtney get it out of bounds what are you doing
buddy Monroe you’re supposed to be good is it
gonna stay there again it is gonna stay there again try again you needed the net flipper though this
time a buddy yeah look at Taylor just stan is everybody’s name Taylor in this
game by the way here we go Galliard
found it deep over there yeah yep sounds right
alright buddy for the game just hit an easy roll shot Wow yeah that was a knee
lock middle did you see what my blockers were doing there Oh now okay side out for the wind boys the
big wind boy takes Naja long to go down and Australia yes right kaki we took you
out real quick my important thing is nice big winds ice thanks once again for
being here with us that coach is the same guy soon he’s a spy alright guys
well that’s gonna do it for this episode of spike volleyball that was that was
pretty entertaining for me I don’t know about you if you liked that video hit
the like button if you haven’t already had subscribed would appreciate that
thank you guys so much for the support you’ve shown to the series this channel
like it means it time like but I can put out these videos and people actually
like them like it it means a lot so so thank you guys for that this game though
anyways thank you guys again for watching and stick it all the way
through this video and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game Ps4 Xbox One PC Steam Playstation 4 Xbox 1 Volleyball Unbound

David Frank



  1. Jernej Klancar Posted on April 1, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    good spikes

  2. Shane Stroyke Posted on April 1, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    This game is traaaaaaaassssssshhhhhhh. Just keep playing volleyball unbound. That game is so much better.

  3. Yahli Savir-Arkony Posted on April 1, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    When will you upload the more updated, post patch videos?

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    What position where you when you played

  5. Sergiu Tenu Posted on April 1, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Your aussie accent ia hilarious lmao

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    no off-tune titanic music this time… unhappy:((((

  7. Yandel Cruz Posted on April 4, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    How do you make consultants

  8. Robbie Wartburg Posted on April 4, 2019 at 9:42 pm

    Is there a way to get in touch with the devloper? Would love to point out a couple things to them.

  9. Philipp Enrico Barrameda Posted on April 5, 2019 at 3:06 am

    let's play online sometime 🙂

  10. Vinicius Silva Posted on April 5, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    number 5 (idk his name) , worst attacker , best server