April 3, 2020
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(music with horns and lyrics
in semi-foreign language) – When you’re starting a sport you want teams to be
able to play each other. We started introducing Lacrosse in Jamaica because the island has got
such incredible potential from an athletic standpoint, to use sport as a forum for
human and national development. It’s also a place where the
volunteers that we bring down got an incredible opportunity to learn a lot about the world. And Jamaica is an
incredible, like, microcosm of British Colonialism around the world, and the good, the bad,
and the ugly of all that. So we’re able to use the
Lacrosse Volunteer Corps program as a way to grow the game
of Lacrosse in Jamaica in a sustainable way, while at the same time
impacting American high school and college volunteers through
global service learning. (reggae music) ♫ Sun is shining, the weather is sweet ♫ Make you want to move your dancin’ feet ♫ To the rest of you here I am ♫ Want you to know just where I stand – The biggest change
for lacrosse in Jamaica over the past four years
has been the integration of the sport of lacrosse
into a high school league, leading to a platform for
sustainable development for the sport. High school sports in
Jamaica is a very big deal, and as we now have introduced lacrosse into the high school sports culture, everyone in Jamaica’s gonna
start to hear about lacrosse, because high school sports in Jamaica is like NCAA college sports in Jamaica. So the schools that we have
got lacrosse in right now are like the Division I NCAA
top-ten college lacrosse teams. So the fact that we’ve got these schools playing lacrosse now means
that every high school in Jamaica is gonna want lacrosse, everyone’s gonna be hearing about it, and the sports culture of
Jamaica is going to start to see lacrosse play a
very, very huge role. (reggae music) – My name is Dwayne Dunn, I am from Jamaica. I am currently the head
coach of Jamaica lacrosse, JC lacrosse team. Nicholas, you are supposed to be midfield. – [Woman Offscreen] Jaden,
mark him, mark him Jaden! – Dale Walker, I am currently the coach of
the women’s lacrosse team, also the women’s coach. (cacophony of girls talking loudly) – Why do I think the sport of lacrosse has potential in Jamaica? Because of a bunch of
talent that we have there. Athletically we are great as a nation, we’re the sprinting capital of the world, and lacrosse, one of
the fundamental skills of lacrosse is sprinting. (players and audience shouting) And we’re really good at sprinting, so I think it will do really well there. I mean, the athletic
ability of the nation. – Yes, I think the sport of lacrosse has great potential in Jamaica because of the natural competitiveness of our people. We’re just naturally competitive and lacrosse presents the ideal scenario in which there can be great camaraderie and competition at the same time. As for the potential of
the sport in Jamaica, Jamaicans love a good game. They call us, they, as long as there’s a good game on it brings people together from all areas. It doesn’t matter, when it comes to sport there is no difference among
people anywhere in Jamaica, so that is something that
will bring people together. We had a lacrosse-fest in November, and people from all over came together and it was a nice, festive atmosphere. Everybody’s asking, when are
we going to have the next one? (reggae music) – The game of lacrosse also
presents a level of aggression. (boys shouting loudly) – Use your body! Use your body! Defend! Defend! – Why is it important for lacrosse to be within the high schools in Jamaica? In Jamaica it’s very competitive, as regards to sport in the schools, and there are so many unattached students. So it’s highly critical for, I mean, lacrosse to be there as an option, because there a lot of
other sporting disciplines such as football, track
and field, netball. It’s hard for some of the
students to even make the team, so lacrosse will be
there as the next option. And it’s also an opportunity
for those students who can excel at lacrosse can get an opportunity to go overseas, so that’s the importance of, by getting a scholarship through lacrosse. So I think it’s really
important that lacrosse is also in our school system. – It is important for
lacrosse to be brought in the Jamaican school system
for several reasons. The first I can think of is the fact that, since I’ve been associated with lacrosse, it’s a team sport that
builds a kind of unity around the players. Players enjoy to have opponents, have a camaraderie among themselves, and with each other, it builds a kind of
spirit of togetherness, and that’s important. And like Dwayne said earlier, there are kids who really
work hard for a track team, or football, whatever other sport it is, but then because it is so competitive you are going to have some
kids who are definitely, it’s not that they’re not good enough, but the talent pool is so great that you are going to have
those who are going to miss out, and it would be for me
a tragedy for a kid to, you know, put their effort
out to train for something and at the end of the day
they don’t make a team. So lacrosse provides another
avenue for those other kids who probably did not make a team but want to do something nevertheless. They want to participate in sport, so here is another avenue
where you can have an outlet for that kind of desire to participate. – Our students who are exposed, who are part of a school
sporting system normally has to go through that basic rudiments of rules and regulations that a coach would actually
lead on, as coacher. So you find that that rule and regulation initial guidance by the
coach or the coaching system, well now it translates to different areas. So when a child goes to
a different classroom, that child would normally
behave in a particular way because it has been
embedded from an early age, that rule and regulation
have been embedded by the coaching system,
by the coaching staff and a result of that, their behavior has just changed for the best. You know, they’re more cooperative, they’re more pro-active,
they use more initiative as regards to just
doing things in a class. – Also the thing is, quite most often in our Jamaican school
system is that the students tend to identify with particular teams, and they do not for the most
part, they do not want to embarrass their teams. If something happens, I don’t
know if it is unfortunate or fortunate that it goes that way, but if something happens, the first thing, “Oh by the
way, he’s on the track team.” Or, “By the way, he’s
on the football team.” And people don’t, the kids don’t want to embarrass their teams like that, so what they do, they tend
to focus on their academics, they want to be the
best in their academics. They don’t want, they really
want to be on the team, they don’t want their parents
to pull them from the team because the parents might
think it is the team that is affecting their performance. So being on a team actually motivates them to work harder at their academics. Their self-discipline
becomes far more pronounced. You can see them changing as they become more involved in sports, and like I said earlier, this other avenue for many of the students who weren’t attached to
any other team before, actually gives them that
opportunity to develop their self-discipline and to work harder towards their goals. – Why I choose lacrosse is because – Well for me, I had a little struggle with it at first, (reggae music) – We have a number of challenges, not insurmountable but they are there and we are working around
them as best as possible. Among them would be equipment. Thankfully we have some donations. – We’ll find out we’re
in a situation where a lot of teams are coming, and a result of not having
the equipments to provide, and a game cannot be played
without the equipments. It’s a contact sport as we all know, so the equipments are critical. So as a result of not getting
enough equipment on time therefore we cannot facilitate the other teams who are coming. – As regards to the coaches,
the game of lacrosse requires a lot of skill, and the fundamental area is very critical, so we need people with that expertise, that level of knowledge just
to start that grass root, we cannot get grass root,
that initial stage wrong. That’s why I want to get
as much education as we can as regards to going back
and teaching the fundamental of the skills. – The intention is to actually start developing player coaches, so that we will have a
larger pool of individuals coming up through the ranks, so that by the time these kids finish their six or seven years
at high school level, then there will be more
than a few who’ll already be familiar with the coaching techniques, and will probably be
able to go back to their, maybe their schools or other schools, to begin to develop the skills with those other younger persons. – The best advice I’d
have for people that want to help out Jamaica lacrosse
is to come down and visit, because you will bless and
be blessed by the experience. Come down, bring equipment down. Come down, coach, share
the sport that you love, share your passion and
enthusiasm for the game. Infect the Jamaican lacrosse community with even more excitement for the sport and learn about the
world at the same time. – How the sport of lacrosse
affects the communities in which it touches, sport is very diverse. It tends to carry people
together, regardless of class, color, age, gender, political affiliation. It break down barriers and build bridges, so that is critical in community building. There are so many different
personalities out there that normally, once there’s a common goal, everybody seems to be on board. – [Player Leader] What team? – [Team] JC! – [Player Leader] What team? – [Team] JC! – [Player Leader] What team? – [Team] JC! – [Player] What school? (team laughing) – Even the last competition we had, people from different backgrounds, socio-economical background
has come together. People from affluent, those
who are from, you know, the lower economical scale,
and it wasn’t about class. It was about being together, I mean, just in one area, having
fun, fellow-shipping, and there wasn’t any
distinction between people. People were just having fun. So it’s critical as regards
to the community building which eventually leads to nation building. (reggae music)

David Frank