April 2, 2020
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Cross-Court Tennis Shots : Hitting Cross-Court Tennis Forehands

Ok in this segment, I’m going to throw the
ball cross court to Ken. He’s going to hit a cross court forehand, so the beauty of this,
is he has to be ready for every shot, but as soon as he knows that it’s a cross court,
he has to position himself to hit the ball, so this drill you get a lot of repetitions.
In matches, when you get a weak ball on the cross court, that’s what you want to pounce
upon, and you don’t even have to change the direction of the ball. You can go right back
at your opponent, but usually you’re going to be taking the short ball. You’re going
to really put some pace on it, and put them under a lot of pressure. Get down low, attack
that ball. Very good, now move through it, move through it, move through it. That’s it
Ken, very good, so Ken’s doing a great job over there, getting a lot of spin, and this
is going to allow him to either work angles, which is another way of putting people under
pressure. If you watch the pros, they really can work an angle and open up the court, so
that’s what this drill does. It’s a simple drill. You can take turns once again on all
these drills. One person throws, the other one hits, and that way you can really maximize
your practice time, but Ken you did a great job. That was an excellent demonstration of
what we needed to do.

David Frank



  1. jyy82993 Posted on October 26, 2009 at 3:54 am

    Most drills like this have people in the no man's land to help give the player the feel for the shot. Where he was standing made a good practice for a approach shot anyways.