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CU Men’s Lacrosse Nationals 2017

I chose to play lacrosse at CU just because
I wanted to be a part of something bigger. I got to know the program a little bit and
as soon I got involved with Coach Galvin and Coach Whise and the rest of the coaching staff I knew that this would be a great
fit for me. You know coming out to Colorado and kind of
having a second family has been an incredible journey. From day one it is kind of something that
Coach Galvin really instills in you is that you are not like student comes before athlete and
you are not just representing yourself and the school out on the field you are representing
all aspects of your life. Kind of just growing into a man and becoming
more mature coming out of high school especially we get a lot of young kids coming to college not totally sure what to expect Everything really falls off of what they are
teaching you at practice, all these little things that you can do without any talent and some
you can do as a person our coaches really strive to have you do. Talking about punctuality and attention to
detail and things like that overall honestly the main things the coaches taught me over the past four years is to
kind of hold myself to a higher standard. It has just allowed me to push myself harder
than I ever have in other sports or any other teams that I have been a part of. I have learned a lot through this program
and though the coaches and honestly I am excited to see where it takes me. For the last four years of my life lacrosse
has been it and its something that I am willing to do and how much time we put into this program
and to this team and to each other. Honestly I think you can see it on the field
and see it through practice and lifting just because of how well we click and how hard we work and
I think that its not just me thats the point of this team and these 46 guys are really
invested in that time commitment. The countless practices in the snow and the
rain and being cold and kind of getting through the conditioning that gets throw at us being
able to preservere through that and knowing that hard work does pay off. I feel like I am earning the right to wear
Colorado across my chest at practice and games all fall and spring. They’re your brothers as cheesy as that sounds
they’re your brothers and at the end of the day you know thats kind of all that matters. The ability for us to have such a tough schedule
really helps us especially later on in the season in that we are a little more battle tested
than a lot of teams and we have faced some adversity All the travel we do yes it does cost and it is
extra cost sometimes but it is so necessary to what we are trying to build so we can continue
to show what Colorado Men’s Lacrosse is all about and that is playing at a high competitive
level. Just speaking for the parents they do so much
for us a lot of the background work that us as players never really have to worry about
as well as the coaching staff it allows them to focus on their job as coaches a little bit more . It is just
so great to have a tight network of people on our side that without them our program really wouldn’t
operate. From the alumni days we have had immense support
they want us to be successful and as a senior I always think about how I want to be remembered
how me and the six other seniors want to be remembered. Yeah the next chapter of my life is kind of
starting but I want to leave this one as good as I possibly can and that means leave a legacy
that I want for them and for us as a program. The coaches really want to cultivate a varsity
level experience here at CU and with that comes a lot of extra work a lot of extra time spent. The donations that we might receive the rest
of this year just allow us to continue the path of excellence that we have had and allow
us to build on that especially in the final leg of our season here. And you are investing in success and a history
of success and a reputation of success I think that is shown throughout all of our work in the past and I think that
is honestly what is so special about all this.Is that you are not just a part of a team
for four years and you are not a part of just a lacrosse team you are a part of a family. It is honestly one the most special experiences
of my life and I am really going to miss it so.

David Frank