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Decorating Volleyball Jerseys

Hi I’m Josh Ellsworth with Stahls’. For
over 80 years Stahls’ has been the leader in heat printing. We manufacture the most
technologically advanced heat presses along with the wide variety of solutions for heat
printing team uniforms. This particular demonstration is 1 part of a complete tutorial titled Decorating
Team Uniforms for High School Athletics. Now to watch that video in its entirety you can
click the link below right now. But if you have limited time and prefer to learn in sessions,
then stay right here. This presentation is on decorating volleyball uniforms. To purchase
any of the products featured, visit Stahls.com. And so the next sport we’re going to prepare
designs for is volleyball and if you’re familiar with volleyball at all in high schools
you know that they’re wearing a lot of high stretch garments. And so for that we’re
going to lean on the Premium Plus material. And let’s weed that out. For the front number
it has to be a 4-inch minimum for the back number it has to be a 6-inch minimum. Does
require both a back and front number. For volleyball the placement of your number
can actually be centered or it can be top right chest or top left chest. And then we’ll
also do a 2-color application on the white jersey. Once again with Premium Plus. I think
Premium Plus is just a good all-purpose lightweight stretch fabric material. If I had to settle
on 2 materials to stock, I would stock Premium Plus for lightweight fabrics and I would stock
ThermoFILM for anything you want to leverage the precut numbers for. And for anything that
requires dye blocking abrasion resistance. It’s amazing with Premium Plus even on applying
2 color numbers it maintains its stretchability. So lets press these on. Now for these slimmer fitting volleyball jerseys
ideally you would like to thread them on but you don’t want them to be stretched and
warped. So that’s were the Hotronix Fusion and the quick-change bottom platen is going
to come in to play. I’ll slide out he 16 by 20 platen and I’ll load my 11 by 15 inch.
Lock it back into place and now you can thread this right on. Preheat and I’ll position
my design. Premium Plus…8 seconds. This is something I want to show you…this
stuff is highly stretchable so it’s going to be really nice look and feel for these
volleyball uniforms. Let’s do a 2 color. And the way I’ve laid this 1 out I’m going
to have to do some pre alignment here with both pieces to make sure it’s going to lay
out correctly where I want it. It’s good because I want the name a few inches down
but the name going to be the second piece I apply. Just going to tack the bottom layer
once again for just a few seconds. Give it a few seconds to cool down. And release the
liner trying to keep it from stretching as much as possible since it’s a high stretch
garment the less it stretches the easier to line up the second layer is going to be. Cover it and then I’ll press them both together
for about 10 to 12 seconds just to make sure the bottom layer is getting the full application
and melting point of the adhesive. A few seconds to cool down. Then I’ll release it. If it starts to lift
at all when you’re trying to release it, that means you’re trying to peel it while
it’s too hot especially for 2-color stuff so I’m going to let it cool down even more
before I release it here. Much better release just by giving it a few more seconds. And
since I started to lift the edge, if you ever get edge lifting don’t panic, just stop
and let it cool down a little more and then you’re just gong to repress it for the time
the material takes. So in this case, 8 seconds to make I remelt and rebond that adhesive. And now let’s do the back. I’m doing these jerseys in a one off environment,
but if I was running a whole team of these I would know every time that that background
needs to be 4 inches or 6 inches off whatever it needs to be. Again, try to keep the background from stretching
as much as possible. And volleyball requires an outline of no more
then ? inch. So they don’t want you getting too crazy with your offset outline. You can leave it cool down on press or move
onto the next garment and throw it to the side and come back and peel it in a few seconds.
It’s up to you. You can also peel it when it’s completely cooled down if you like. And the 2-color number stretches and rebounds
well as well. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) (MUSIC)

David Frank



  1. merlinotaku 1095 Posted on September 30, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    this man is Pro

  2. Mark Osborn Posted on January 5, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    how do know if the numbers and words are straight and
    centered without a ruler or t-square? the word Falcons looks crooked

  3. Akash VJ Posted on June 29, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    my volleyball jersey number is 07

  4. Kermit Suicide Posted on September 2, 2017 at 7:56 am

    Why do i feel like i want these at my house